Have you heard of the silent cities?

“What are they?” you ask.


They are deserted cities in Syria – about a hundred of
them – and still in a remarkable state of preservation.

There are splendid remains of villas, churches,
inscriptions and public buildings that were established
during the early Christian centuries.

Did you know, there are still places where no modern
traveler has been.  There are ancient towns which no
tourist has seen. In fact, there are whole regions full
of antiquities, which are not shown on the latest maps.

syria5And just when we thought there was no place left to

Yes, these silent cities lie far from the main lines of
travel and in the midst of an easily excitable population.

Just imagine it, will you – a wasted land of barren grey
hills. And in the distance you see a towering mass of
broken walls and shattered colonnades, the mighty remnants
of a city long deserted by civilized men.

There it rises, silent, with gates wide open and every
house inside it untenanted even by wild beasts.

syria4You enter what was once a thriving town. And it has stood
uninhabited for 13 centuries.

Its health and sanitation arrangements would be superior
to those found in many places in the Western world today,
even in America and Europe.

The inscriptions on many of these buildings indicate that
Syrian Christianity covered a large portion of the
territory in which the silent cities stand today.


You may ask, But why are they silent and deserted?”

Here’s why. After Jerusalem fell to the Roman siege in
AD 70, Antioch in Syria became the new world headquarters
of Christianity.

syria3However, as the church in Rome grew powerful and adopted
pagan practices, it tried to enforce its innovations on
those who disagreed with Rome. Then terrible persecution
fell upon Syria.

So entire Christian populations migrated from the areas
of the silent cities and the rest of the eastern provinces
of the Roman Empire.

They found refuge within the boundaries of the restored
Persian Empire.

After 622, following the Muslim invasion, the Christians
who remained in Syria worked their way farther east. They
left behind their cities, silent and deserted, and the area

The people themselves migrated into India, China and eastern
Asia, to continue their way of life undisturbed.

This fact is of paramount importance in considering the
claims of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It solidly refutes his
claims, but that is another story.

syria2Anyway, Lyn, I hope you have found this information
about the deserted cities, of interest.


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