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Channelling Archetypes Article 5: Inside the Wardrobe of the Explorer

Explorer-Wardrobe Artwork

SEO sentence – The explorer archetype channels their individualism with daring and adventurous colours, prints, textures and cuts. Read more…


Explorer style means to follow your own path and to express through clothing. Pops of colour, interesting textures, bold prints and daring cuts all urge us to wear what we really want to, and not what others assume we will.


Explorers – curious, free-spirited enigmas. Everyone has, at one time or another, aspired to be one, or at least to reflect some characteristic of the explorer in their lives. Yet the explorer, sometimes referred to as a trailblazer, adventurer, or pioneer, is an archetype that few can inhabit in a consistent manner. There are many who sometimes possess a few of the qualities that make explorers unique, but it is rare to find someone who naturally embodies them all.


A typical explorer centres their life around authenticity and joy; follower of no one, they trust their own intuition and judgements above all else. They naturally embrace change and are prepared at all times for the unexpected, buzzing with excitement at the sheer prospect of new discoveries. One easy way to draw the adventurous, resilient spirit of this archetype into your everyday (without jumping on a plane to the first location you think of!) is through your styling choices. So, whether strutting through the airport on an adventure or hopping on the tube after work, having the confidence to make bold fashion statements will help to prepare you for every eventuality.


A Sense of Adventure


Embracing unfamiliar styles comes naturally to the explorers of the world; it doesn’t, however, come naturally to the rest of us. A trick that can help ease you into this daring fashion philosophy is to pair less familiar garments (maybe that red beret you loved in the shop but haven’t dared to try out? Or that bright orange, cropped blazer you haven’t felt brave enough to wear yet?) with your favourite wardrobe staples, perhaps your comfiest jeans or a well-worn, much-loved t-shirt. In this way, you’ve successfully embraced change, whilst also staying true to yourself and your individual tastes. This doesn’t mean, however, that we need to stick with the same old items forever just because they’re what we’re used to. The explorer is deeply authentic, connected to their innermost wants and desires; any item of clothing, staple or not, must therefore feel inherently ‘you’.


Imprints of Desire


When quenching their thirst for whimsy and adventure, explorers absorb the colours, patterns, and textures that surround them on their journey. Vibrant pops of colour, daring new cuts and styles, luxurious textures, and bold prints then spill into their outfit choices, exuding confidence whilst ensuring comfort and authenticity of self. If we can adopt this attitude to our outfit styling choices, perhaps pairing a structured red midi-skirt and buckled houndstooth-pattern shoes along with your usual black jumper or white shirt, then we can channel the essence of the explorer whilst retaining our natural sense of style.


Clothes with Conviction


The explorer often has an unpredictable life, making well-made, versatile garments a necessity for this archetype. This contrasts with the wastefulness and compromised quality associated with ‘fast fashion’, as it is based upon using your knowledge of what styles look and feel good on you, and then selecting durable, individual pieces that are made of high-quality fabrics. Feeling confident in your look, as well as in your outfit’s ability to endure the wear and tear of daily life, benefits the planet (fewer resources, ergo less waste) and, reassured by skilful stitching and strong fabrics, you.


The explorer is a passionate advocate for individuality and freedom; for demanding better and trying new things; for appreciating comfort and durability; and for ensuring that human activity is as harmless to nature as possible. Filtering these passions into fashion renders the archetypal explorer the ultimate style queen, one who always dares to try ‘out-there’ colours, prints, styles, and combinations to make themselves visible in the midst of the crowd, but who also insists upon comfort and quality craftmanship. Feeling comfortable helps you to focus more on living in the moment and enjoying life, the raison d’être of the explorer. While finding clothes whose origins are as good as they look can take time and effort, doing so can certainly be worth the wait. Your confidence will thank you, and the planet will, too.


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