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The Majestic, Astounding And Jaw Dropping Iguazu Falls


No words can ever encapsulate the magnificent, dramatic  landscape of this natural wonder that is the heartbeat of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The Iguazu is nature’s gift that is breathtaking as it evolves and envelopes you. It is captivating and your senses literally drown, as you witness the roaring impounding of the Devils Throat falls.


As you walk the giddy heights of the walkways the spray of the waterfall skim past your face, and your heart skips a beat when you see the tourist boat navigating the furious whirlpools under the Three Musketeer Falls. Only the attached photos can do true justice to the wonder of Iguzau.  So feast your eyes on this visual wonder that we must treasure for an eternity. 

The Birds, Flora and Fauna of the Iguazu are truly remarkable and the alluring Parrots are fascinating and enthralling, as they display their bewitching multicoloured feathers and crowns.