This week has seen yet more chicks hatch and whilst this has been delightful for the children, I am now wondering how many new chicken coops I will need. The feathery friends in my family are certainly growing in numbers and it’s not just the chickens that have been determined to outnumber the furry friends in my life, for this week heralded the arrival of a breeding pair of budgerigars called, Philip and Philippa. Yes, I am now officially a feathery friend enthusiast!

The past few months have been hectic as I attempt to finish off half-finished projects and make a start on all the projects that have never got off the ground, but have continued to clutter up my living space. This weekend I regained the use of my garage as the hog roast machine I purchased four years ago was finally taken away for restoration. Seeing the hog roast moved from the garage and hauled up on to a trailer was actually rather an emotional moment for me. Getting this rather mammoth piece of equipment restored has been an ambition of mine for a long time and it has done a total of three house moves with me, been the subject of many discussions and indeed many an argument with my ex-husband. I always saw it as having potential in this equipment whereas my ex and a few others just saw it as a big, bulky space invader.   Well on Saturday with the help of four men the hog roast saw the light of day and exchanged its dingy garage dwelling for the open air position of a very large trailer. It then waved goodbye to West Wales as it was towed to a workspace in England and thankfully it didn’t need a passport.20150801_120031[1]20150802_131402[1]

I must confess that I am really excited about getting this old girl restored, as she’s is solidly built and really is one of a kind. I have all sorts of ideas for her and not just ones that involve cooking half a pig, indeed I am planning on serving up a little more than plain and simple hog baps. Alas this is not going to be a five minute job, as she needs a lot of work and so my dreams and plans will take some time to put into action, but there is no harm in forward thinking.20150801_120019[1]

The loading of Bessy (yes, the Hog Roast has a name), was a challenge, but the unloading the other end was an event that was a delight to witness. No heaving, shuffling, huffing or puffing was to be witnessed during the unloading instead lots of men waving, directing and contradicting each other as a JCB took over the lifting and in no time at all the hog roast and hot plate were lifted safely off the trailer and were securely on the ground. This was certainly a weekend to remember and now at least one of my projects is actually in action.20150728_184809[1]

In the mind-set of out with the old in with the new I also launched attack on my spare room and swapped my redundant futon bed, which was taking up lots of valuable room, for a leather sofa that will get used. Years ago a friend told me, ‘’never call a room spare, as it becomes a redundant space, full of junk, instead give it a name and a purpose’’, I have finally followed this advice and have now called my previous ‘spare room’ the ‘junk room’ and this way I can be sure that it has a definite purpose and it will be used for exactly what it is intended for.

Well I shall have to love and leave you as I am making a start on the upcycled baby clothes rug project that I started at exactly the same time that I started writing for B-C-Ing-U   and well let’s just say that it’s not really anywhere near a rug yet.

Until next time I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales.