shooting-beans03It’s shooting time!
In January there’s a lack of fresh vegetables and money is tight for a lot of people.
But we need extra vitamins.
So why not sprout seeds on your window-sill?
They’re very cheap, they’re delicious, they grow fast (within a week easily!) they don’t take up much room and they’re very good for you. What more could you want ?
Mustard and cress is the traditional British favourite.
Sow the mustard three days after the cress as it grows quicker than the cress.
shooting-beans01But you can sprout literally any seeds or pulses.
At the moment I have snow peas, wheatgrass, radish, cress, beet, chickpea, peas, mustard, fenugreek, red cabbage, and onion.
They all smell and taste different. I like to mix them because they’re colourful as they grow. And it’s fun to watch them growing.
Larger beans can be soaked in water overnight to start them shooting.
I have a 3-tier beanshooter that my daughter bought for me in our local health store. But you can grow beansprouts on practically anything, including kitchen towel, or in a jar.
shooting-beans02Place two layers of kitchen towel in a bowl. Run it under the tap. Now sprinkle the seeds onto it.
Don’t leave it in direct sunlight or anywhere too cold.
The next day, rinse the seeds, still on the kitchen towel. Drain. Repeat every day until they’re ready to eat.
You can eat the whole lot, roots, seeds and all.
In a beansprouter, sprinkle the seeds thinly. Rinse well twice a day or they can get a bit smelly. Eat when ready, after 3-4 days.
Sprouts can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.
If you grow them in a jar, sprinkle thinly, and add enough water to wet them. Place the lid on the jar and shake it. Add a little water every day and shake the jar with the lid on.
shooting-beans05The seeds miraculously shoot and grow without the aid of soil, paper, or anything.
And finally, boil a couple of eggs. Rinse under cold water. When cool enough to handle, dry them. Carefully slice the top off and eat the egg, taking care not to break the shell. Rinse them out. Dry. Now draw a face on the front.
Place some cotton-wool or doubled kitchen towel at the bottom of the shell and wet it.
Remember that it will swell.
Now sprinkle some seeds on top. Wet slightly every day until the eggshell has grown ‘hair!’
You can also take out some of the egg and ‘plant’ some sprouted beans on the top.
Egg and cress taste delicious together. Serve with buttered bread.
The beanshoots are crunchy, fresh-tasting and go in a lot of meals.
Egg and cress sandwiches are traditional and tasty.
Ham and beanshoot sandwiches, cheese and beanshoot  sandwiches, or in a salad or stirfry all make a tasty, nutritious addition to your Winter diet – and they cost pence!