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Last year I published an article called ‘Yes, Angels can Fly!’ about the talented Italian Sculptor Daniele Cazzato, which we’ve republished.  (see the article below this one.)

So when I heard from his wife Roberta telling me about her award, I just had to publish it!

Congratulations to you both, and I hope to meet you again in the near future in the lovely Italian town of Bossolasco.

Roberta's Christmas email to me.

Roberta’s Christmas email to me.

Highlights High Five magazine has honored illustrator Roberta Angaramo of Bossolasco (CN), Italy, for her illustration of the verse titled “Empty Shell,” which was published in the April 2014 issue. The work was named “Verse Illustration of the Year 2014” by the editorial, art and production staff.


The verse, written by Marguerite Chase McCue, is about tiny chicks breaking out of their shells and leaving the shells behind as they leave the nest.


Christine Cully, Highlights for Children Editor in Chief, says that illustrators like Roberta “help us achieve our objective of bringing the most imaginative and original works to our readers.” In recognition of the achievement, she received an eight-inch pewter plate engraved with her name, the title of the winning work, and the issue in which it appeared. The pewter plates are handcrafted in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, the home of Highlights since its beginning in 1946.


“I was particularly inspired by the beautiful text and characters,” Roberta said. “I love drawing animals. Chicks and birds are my favorite. They are so cute!”


Roberta lives and works in Bossolasco with her husband Daniele and their cats, Apo and Momo.

She graduated from Artistic High School in Cuneo and attended European Institute of Design in Turin. Afterwards, she studied painting with the artist Francesco Preverino and attended courses in illustration at the International School of Illustration in Sarmede.


In 1997, her illustrations for the book Notte da Favola won first prize in the UNICEF International Contest “Cittá di Chioggia” and were published by Associazione Teatrio. Since then, she has been working as an illustrator of children’s books, with more than 40 books now published by major publishing houses all over the world. Her work has been published in Italy, the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Greece, Brazil, and Finland.


In addition to Highlights High Five magazine in the United States, Roberta has done illustrations for Ladybug magazine, published by Carus Publishing, as well as Giulio Coniglio, published by Panini Editore. She has participated in numerous exhibitions of her work in a number of countries.


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For details of visiting Bossolasco, see the bottom of  the following article Yes, Angels Can Fly!