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Italian Sculptor Daniele Cazzato was feeling disillusioned, and was about to give up his craft a couple of years ago.

But then he was given the commission to design a World War ll statue for the site overlooking the Langa Region, outside the Bossolasco church.

It’s a very prominent site and the views are magnificent!

There’s a plaque beside it that, translated, says;

The statue of the Angel of the Alta Langa (High Langa) was unveiled on June 7th, 2015 in Bossolasco. The statue celebrates and reminds the courage and generosity of the people of these valleys, who gave asylum impartially, during the 2nd World War, to jews,  soldiers on the run/deserting soldiers, hiding them amongst the population.

Italy hiking trip 049 (Small)The image of the Angel was born from this spontaneous gesture of solidarity: in many religious traditions, the angel is a spiritual being that assists and serves the deity, while at the same time participating alongside the humans during their earthly existence and their spiritual progress. Thus, the angel is a guide, a protector, the divine incarnation of an act of love and hope, present in the cultures and religions of every place and every time.

We met Daniele and his wife Roberta a few weeks after the official unveiling of the statue.

At first glance I wasn’t impressed by the very conspicuous aluminium statue. But when Daniele explained what it represented, and I studied it more carefully, I completely changed my mind!Italy hiking trip 052 (Small)

The head is a rosebud and the arms are rose leaves. They’re spread out as though offering safety and protection, or a cuddle.

It will look the same in 100 years’ time. It won’t deteriorate or go rusty.

Daniele believes that art should convey a message.

He’s interested in the flesh and spirit, although he’s not very religious.

He said that he likes to compare his work with prehistoric art.

In his own words, the artist Daniele Cazzato, affirmed national interpreter of contemporary art, explains: “The Angel of the Alta Langa is an abstraction of the angelic figure: the head evokes a rose bud, in homage to the symbol of the town of Bossolasco; the wings are open in a welcoming embrace, a simple movement that encompasses the essence of the spirit of brotherhood / fraternity  that defined the people of the Alta Langa”.

Daniele, Roberta, the Vic-Mayor and Lady from the Tourist Board

Daniele, Roberta, the Vic-Mayor and Lady from the Tourist Board

With its, 3.5 meters in height and an aluminum structure realized with the help of techniques derived from aeronautics’ technology, the dimensions and shape of the Angel were meant to generate / create an interaction with the observer, so as to give life, in some way, to the sensation of profound love that defines the work itself.

The public can take place between the angel’s wings, reconnecting, even only as a game, with their divine side, in a representation of a humanity that longs, aspires to unity… to the One. sinceramente in inglese questa roba non rende; piuttosto maiuscola su Unity e togliere questo pezzo]

The statue becomes not only the remembrance of the past, but also, in the desire to partake in its embrace, the human will to elevate humanity itself to a superior level, fitting for our being the children of life-giving Harmony, as described by the words of Leonardo Da Vinci.Italy hiking trip 059 (Small)

The Angel, completed in collaboration with the Pro Loco and the Municipal Administration of Bossolasco, is both an emblem of the past and an encouragement to continue along the path of solidarity; this translates into fundraisers that will be destined for public interventions, such as the creation of new green areas on the territory.

The campaign slogan is “Spread your wings and embrace the world”, those same wings, with a multitude of feathers, that, united in the struggle towards a common goal, can indeed fly.


Do click on the right-hand photo on the Home Page and watch the Angel soaring over the region!

The statue was delivered by helicopter and gently lowered onto its base.

Since then, the offers and commissions have been pouring in.

He’s one of 40 Italian artistes chosen for Contemporary Art in Venice.

And he has another Angel to make.

No, Daniele won’t be giving up his work after all!

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Daniel’s wife Roberta Angaramo is also an Artiste, Illustrator & Author of children’s books.

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