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It’s marmalade season and once again boxes of organic citrus fruits are stacked in my kitchen just waiting to be immersed into my preserving pan.  My kitchen is filled with a sweet citrus zing and I feel rather pleased with my efforts so far.  Although there is a bit of frustration welling up inside me at the moment, I want to spend all day making marmalade and indeed writing about it, but alas I have been frantically busy and so my Maslin pan will be standing cold today, but the desire to make marmalade tomorrow means that I am determined to plough through all my work at speed today.

Well with all of this talk of marmalade the least I can do is share a nice recipe for one of my favourite marmalades.  This recipe produces a great looking and tasting preserve and you’ll just have to test the recipe out to find out how delicious it is.

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Seren’s Lovely Lime Marmalade

limes 8

lemons 2


sugar 1.5kg


Cut the limes in half and squeeze all the juice from them, then cover the skins with cold water and leave them in a cool place overnight. Do the same with the lemons. This will help them to soften, making cutting easier. Store the lemon and lime juice in the fridge. Remove the lemon and lime skins from the water and using a spoon scrape out as much of the pulp, pith and pips as possible, placing it all on a piece of muslin. When doing this task I often abandon the spoon and resort to fingers!  Tie the muslin up into a little bag shape, securing it with string.

Now with a sharp knife, finely shred the skins. Try to get the peel chopped as evenly as possible.

Measure the reserved citrus juice and make it up to two litres with water.

Place the shredded lime and lemon skins into a large preserving pan with the water and bring to the boil. Turn the heat down so that the mixture simmers for about an hour, after an hour the peel will be soft and translucent.  During this process check the pan from time to time, to ensure that it is not boiling too rapidly, you need a gentle simmer if you want to avoid tough peel in the finished marmalade.

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Once the peel is soft and translucent, remove the muslin bag from the pan and set it aside to cool.

Add the sugar to the citrus mixture.  Squeeze the cooled bag of pith and pips into the preserving pan and then bring the mixture to the boil again and leave it on a gentle boil for 40- 45 minutes and then test for a set.

Once you have achieved your set, you can put it into sterilised jars and seal. It never lasts long in my house and is a favourite with my girls.

Well until next week, farewell from a snowy West Wales