seren mindful

I love my children dearly, but the rule never work with children or animals has held true this weekend. I have written a mindfulness course and I decided that some video content would be a useful and effective to convey some of the course contents.  So, after investing in a nifty little camera designed for vlogging I worked out how to use it and set up my studio ready for recording, all was going well until I hit the record button then a world of chaos broke out.

My husband was busy entertaining the children with bubble mix and the like so I could record a few lines, but within seconds of beginning the recording a grazed knee incident occurred and Mummy had to ‘fix it’.  I settled myself back in front of the camera and nervously began recording. I quickly realised how difficult this vlogging game is and was beginning to wonder why I ever thought this was a good idea. I ploughed on trying to record, however, my children have now bored with ball games and bubbles and have located me. They now want a sandwich, a cuddle, to play with the camera, etc, etc.   No problem I thought, I’ll incorporate them in the video….what was I thinking?

By now my ten minutes of recording had now taken three hours and I didn’t have anything good enough to use. However, I was confident that the breathing techniques for children could be demonstrated brilliantly by my four daughters. I instructed them all, set up the scene and camera, pressed record and chaos!  Squabbles between the eldest over breathing techniques and photo-bombing from the small ones commenced.  I certainly got some photos, but the filming will have to be done another day.

I think I’ll stick with writing!