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The New Year has arrived and we are now in 2015, which sounds very futuristic to me. I can’t help wondering what this year will have in store for me and indeed I have found myself reflecting upon the events that took place last year. It is certain that 2014 was anything but dull.

Last year took me on a little writing adventure with my work being published in a number of print publications as well as online. I gave a number of radio interviews, sixteen of them in fact for stations that included BBC Wales, BBC Gloucester, Radio Ceredigion and a whole host of other stations. I also gave weekly interviews about seasonal food with the lovely Andy Richards on Chef Radio, but amazingly I still had enough left to talk about to give lectures and period cooking demonstrations around the country.
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In 2014 I was awarded a bronze certificate for my marmalade entry at the Worlds Original Marmalade Awards and also won the Great British Food Magazine’s award for best preserve, with my Welsh Strawberry Jam. My adventures didn’t stop there though,  I also did filming with BBC4 for an episode of ‘Castles Under Siege’  and then I got to go on an exciting trip to Tunbridge Wells to film with BBC1 for the Christmas Eve  edition of ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’ that featured Ainsley Harriot, Ricky Tomlinson and Jenny Bond.  It is only when I started to look back at the events of last year that I realised just how much I had crammed in.

Last year saw me doing a fair bit of gallivanting around the country as I visited hotels, restaurants, pubs, pantomimes and other places in my role as a writer. My girls and I have travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles and have seen and done some incredible things, including meeting a horse whisperer and even attending a dog wedding.  Yes, there have been lows and like any year I have experienced my fair share of setbacks and have shed more than my quota of tears, but undoubtedly the highs outweighed the lows.

So when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I have but one:  to make 2015 even more exciting than 2014. It will undoubtedly be a tall order, but I strive to continually improve my skills as a writer and ask the universe to present me with more wonderful opportunities and so the sky is the limit for 2015.
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Now I must sign off as it is marmalade season and those Seville oranges will not preserve themselves.

Until next week, I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales,

Seren x