It’s been an interesting week with me heading up to The Scottish Borders to visit Cringlettie House. A very nice hotel stay with the finest Celtic welcome was much appreciated, but I also found myself wandering through the secluded walled garden before taking a seat in the Victorian greenhouse for a spot of dinner. As the aroma of freshly grilling food wafted around the greenhouse I sat and enjoyed the peaceful tranquillity of the garden in full bloom. Each Friday night is BBQ in the Garden night at Cringlettie House and I must say that I think it is a brilliant idea and a great way of enjoying a relaxed meal in an environment that has the beauty of the outdoors with the warmth and comforts of indoors.IMG_0001

I enjoyed my BBQ , but ultimately Molly Dog enjoyed hers even more and she showed no embarrassment when devouring all the left overs. No doubt Molly was reflective when sitting in the grounds of Cringlettie, after all this was the hotel where she got married to Monty the sausage dog, just twelve months ago. Sadly Molly and Monty did not rekindle their love during this visit, Molly found Monty’s inability to share cake intolerable to live with and frankly he had little man syndrome. Yes, a dog wedding was possibly one of the maddest things I have ever been involved in, but alas it was good fun and I’m sure that there will be even madder things to take place in the future.IMG_0019

IMG_0040As I gleaned a few tips and tricks from the chef on how to create a succulent skewer, I had great plans on penning the last few chapters of my new book, ‘The Trouble with Husbands’, but alas I got carried away with jotting down ideas for my Tudor Cooking demonstration at the weekend.IMG_1110

With the sound of my little ones serenading me with the delightful song, ‘are we there yet’, I pulled off the drive of Cringlettie and headed back home to West Wales. Once home it was a quick sort out of the suitcase and some swift re-packing of the car as I headed to Ampthill for the Aragon Festival. With a Tudor style marchpane sculpture of a bird and ingredients for a Catherine of Aragon salad in tow I headed to the idyllic, small Bedforshire town where I spent a delightful day demonstrating various Tudor dishes. In no time at all it was time to pack the car again and head back to the delights of West Wales and enjoy that wonderful chorus of ‘’are we there yet’’ and the song of ‘’we want the toilet’’ that is only ever sung when I am on the motorway with no clue of where the services are.

I am now recovering from a hectic week and am happily reacquainted with my laptop as I finish those last few chapters of my book and reflect on whether anyone will ever invent a self-cleaning house.

Well until next time I bid you a fond farewell from my corner of West Wales.