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This week has seen me occupied with cake making, cake judging, cake eating and a sprinkling of Narnia.  When I was asked to be one of the judges at the Cardiff Cake Off I was delighted, well what better opportunity to utter the words, ‘over baked’, ‘uneven rise’, ‘style over substance’ and a range of other terms normally reserved for the Great British Bake Off.   So on a blustery Saturday morning I headed off to Cardiff Story Museum ready to sample the delicious bakes of Cardiff.

After a drive to Cardiff I was ready for a cup of coffee and some cake and I was not disappointed.  The entries were all of a good standard. Extra points were awarded for an historical Cardiff link or a Cardiff theme which encouraged entries that included a Miner’s Cake and a Cardiff Bay cake.  A few hours passed and after much deliberation a winner was announced. A beautiful two tier cake that was decorated to reflect Cardiff Castle and it tasted as good as it looked.IMG_9753[1] (Small)IMG_9471[1] (Small)

With the judging over I was in the mood for of spot of baking and this was just as well because I needed to make a Narnia themed cake.  My daughter’s best friend is a Narnia enthusiast and with her Birthday on Wednesday the task of creating a winter wonderland cake with a bit of Narnia magic fell to me. Before attempting the cake, I needed a bit of inspiration and so myself two five year olds and a two year old all snuggled up to watch ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.  Full of inspiration I headed off to the kitchen and created a Narnia inspired Turkish delight flavoured sponge cake.  With my sponge baked and cooled, I   covered it with white fondant icing and then the fun of sugar paste modelling began.IMG_9735[1] (Small)

A  Narnia themed cake just had to have a wardrobe and lamppost featured on it and so I set about making them out of fondant modelling paste, then with the aid of edible silver dust and a bit of imagination the cake took place. My girls and their little friend were delighted to sprinkle edible glitter on the cake and even more delighted to decorate ginger biscuits with the left over icing and decorations.

Well after a week of cake making and judging I am looking forward to a spa break at the Headlands Hotel in Newquay, Cornwall.   I am looking forward to visiting this hotel for many reasons, but one of the big attractions for me is that “The Witches” by Roald Dahl was filmed there. I absolutely loved this Ronald Dahl classic and read it many times as a child. The film lived up to my expectations and so it will be nice for me to share this with my girls and explore its history in full.

Until next week I must bid you a fond farewell from West Wales as I get on with my packing.IMG_9745[1] (Small)