witterings8-1Warm weather and not a hint of rain in sight, I can hardly believe the remarkable change in weather this week. For the first time in ages I haven’t had to wear a big coat and long boots, does this mean that we will have a glorious spring?  Let’s hope that this fine weather continues as it has really lifted my spirits and has made getting the outdoor chores done so much more enjoyable.

witterings8-2The highlight of my week was most definitely hearing Libby exclaim ‘weeeeee!’  in exited exhilaration as I drove around the bends of the Elan Valley. Her little face was full of excitement as she peered out of the window at all the spring lambs. Indeed it was a joy to see new life in the fields and the daffodils dancing as if to welcome the warmer weather.

witterings8-3I’ve been gallivanting this week as I went off to Rhayder, Llandrindod Wells and Builth Wells on a mission to find quirky old packaging and kitchenalia. For a while now I have passed an old chapel in Builth Wells that clearly sold collectibles and antiques and for months I have threatened to visit, this week I finally managed to sneak a peek. My goodness, what a place! The chapel is filled from floor to ceiling with anything and everything from the past, as I wandered around in awe I noted a stuffed and mounted crocodile head next to a 1930’s enamel bread bin and an artist’s easel.  The eclectic assortment of goods was displayed in a jumbled fashion that made it even more charming. witterings8-4It was nice to wander around and have a good rummage for hidden bargains in this truly unspoilt treasure trove.  I came away with a Victorian egg whisk and a few other pieces of kitchenalia. I really rather enjoyed the jovial company of the owner Rob Clement who fished down a 1950’s sausage box from a top shelf with the aid of a snooker cue whilst shouting ‘’catch’’ at me, well you don’t see that spectacle in organised shops. If you are ever in Builth Wells I would recommend popping along to The Church, Smithfield Road as I have never seen such a vast array of collectibles; it is truly an overwhelming hodgepodge of the curious, out-dated, vintage, faded and truly antique items.

witterings8-5The weekend saw a trip to the People’s Market in Lampeter for a nice local chat, purchase of wonderful local produce and a good cup of tea.  Libby enjoyed inspecting all the local crafts and took a particular fancy to the cheese-stall. A usual it was a lovely atmosphere that was aided by the live music from Platform 1, a local brother and sister duo that are certainly talented and at the tender ages of 15 and 17 I hope they achieve their dreams of stardom, but don’t lose their local charm.

witterings8-6As usual there have been baking activities this week with Hattie and Libby being more than willing to assist me in baking bread and scones. There have also been painting and craft antics with both of my girls getting more paint on them, than on the craft project. They do enjoy glitter, paint and glue and it is lovely to reflect back on how their drawings have changed over the months and years. If this lovely weather continues they will be able to paint out on the patio this week, now that should reduce the mess factor indoors.

witterings8-7I am still basking in my marmalade success with me having appeared on three local radio shows and due a Radio Wales appearance on Sunday. I am now gearing up for the Great Taste Awards competition and I am entering marmalade and very special piccalilli. Well I suppose I should stop wittering and get back in the kitchen to salt down the vegetables for the piccalilli.

Until next week Da bo ti

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