welsh-witterings4-2This week has been like the weather, up and down. There was the excitement of Libby’s second Birthday party looming at the beginning of the week and then the blind panic and stress at the end of the week as the party grew closer, a complete chaotic rush and scramble to get everything ready on the day of the party and then a reserved and mild urgency to ensure that everyone enjoyed the party which was achieved with jelly, cake and sweets for the children and champagne and egg and spoon races for the adults.  I did buy the vintage style sack race and egg and spoon kits for the children, but they proved to be a great ice-breaker for adult party guests and made for some memorable photographs.

welsh-witterings4-1My dining room was adorned with bunting, enough helium balloons to float a small child off into the sky and enough blancmange and jelly to fill an Olympic swimming pool. It seems I will be eating Birthday cake until mid-July as the three tier topsy  turvey cake I made is rather on the large side. It took twenty eggs to create and a mammoth amount of icing and buttercream, the question is, can one tire of Birthday cake? I think not, but I’ll let you know when the cake is reduced to crumbs.

welsh-witterings4-3I have been ferretting in junk shops this week on the hunt for seventies dinnerware. My mission was to find gaudy, kitsch and embarrassing, the sort of thing that you are afraid to admit you sort of like. No I’m not having a home décor revamp I’m reviving some recipes from the 70’s and having a retro dinner party. So I was delighted to find some flamingo drinks glasses and a whole array of retro loot, unfortunately my husband did not share my enthusiasm for my new found treasure, but then welsh-witterings4-4I had used the famous words ‘’I’m just nipping in there for a quick look’’, now as a well-seasoned husband you would think he would understand that this translates as, ‘I am going in that shop expect to wait in the car for an hour, whilst I become enthralled in bargain hunting and forget you exist’, however, Mr. Grumps, also known as my husband did not grasp this concept and had a jolly good moan about boredom, abandonment and cramp in his leg. So taking this as husband speak for, ‘I’m hungry’,  I cooked him a large dinner and hopefully  in return he’ll be a well behaved husband and not complain about my latest collecting fetish. After all how did I survive all these years without a 1978  short-cut canapé maker?
The marmalade award entries are about to make their way over to Cumbria and I am a bit worried whether I will make the entry deadline as my labels haven’t arrived yet.  No I must think positive my labels will arrive tomorrow or so my mantra goes.  I spent a wet and soggy Sunday indoors with the children helping them finish their marmalade cat entry and I even sat and drew a design for my marmalade entry which I really enjoyed doing and I was really pleased with the results. I may be no artist, but I do find my doodling rather relaxing.
So now I must go and squirrel all those 1970’s junk shop finds away and consult my girls about the character of their cat in their drawing so that I can write the CV of Minnie the Marmalade Cat and post their competition entry tomorrow.

Hopefully my marmalade madness will be all over this week and then I can turn my attention to the Great British Pie Awards.

Until next week Da bo ti


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