ww19-3Now what possessed me to want turkeys? This has been a little mantra of mine this week as Manni, the turkey stag has decided that pegging washing on the line is now a contact sport. In amongst his gobbles, hisses and tutting vocals, Manni has decided that the best time to launch attack and have a good peck of me is whist I am pegging out my underwear, now whether he was casting a personal judgement on my smalls or whether he objects to looking at them on the line, I’ve no idea, but whilst I try and establish the cause of his complaint I shall be wearing protective clothing for the future pegging out of undies or else using the tumble drier.

ww19-1The weeds are thriving in my garden and this always makes me wonder why the weeds grow, faster and stronger than any of the specimens I have planted. Apart from weeds my butternut squash and pumpkins are coming along very nicely. From a cheap packet of seeds I have had thirty strong pumpkin plants and I can only hope that they continue to thrive.

ww19-2This weekend proved that the simple things in life still hold great attraction for children. We may live in an age where computers and mobile phones are mastered before walking, but I still believe that children need to be outdoors and use their imagination. Recently I was abhorred to witness a two year old boy being given an I-pad as a means of keeping him occupied through dinner, I heard many exclamations from his parents of how educational the device was and I felt a little saddened that the loss of imagination and conversation is lost as early as two, but then I am of the opinion that much is learned through ‘real’ play. So as the sun batted down my girls were out playing in the fields and chasing butterflies around the garden. ww19-6As the rain came along and spoilt the outdoor sack race we all retreated indoors for a good old fashioned teddy bears picnic and without the aid of a single electronic device the girl’s giggled and chattered happily as they fed their teddy bears cheese sandwiches and home-made cake.

ww19-7Whilst the marmalade season may be just a distant memory I am delighted that the jam season is now in full swing and that there are now lots of jam competitions open. I shall be dusting off my preserving pans and donning my apron as I prepare to get sticky in the kitchen and make lots of wonderful, fruity jam. Nothing beats a good home made strawberry jam and I can’t wait to make my first batch of the year this week.

Well until next week I wish you a fond farewell from West Wales


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