ww18-1After a scenic drive to the North Wales coast on Friday I collected my poultry and amazingly I managed to fit fifteen hens, three cockerels and three large turkeys in my car alongside myself and my two little ones. The drive there was a wonderfully pretty one, however, the drive home saw me needing to wind down all the car windows and breathe tentatively, as my goodness those hens don’t hold back when it comes to creating a pong in a confined space. After an hour and a half journey in the company of my new feathery friends I was relieved to arrive home and introduce them to their new accommodation. They have only been with me for a few days, but they seem to have settled in and they are laying well. ww18-6Their presence has certainly breathed some life into the garden and it is lovely to have fresh eggs each day.

On the garden front everything is going quite well with seedlings emerging each day and the beans gradually climbing their poles. However, I made the discovery of a digger wasp tunnel over the weekend which has temporarily thwarted my plans for the courgette bed. I must admit I was surprised to learn that there was a variety of wasp that digs, for I had never heard of anyone encountering them and indeed this was my first encounter of them.  ww18-2These ground nesting wasps are considered harmless enough and unless disturbed are not usually aggressive. They have decided to set up home where I was planning on planting my courgettes, but then I have decided that they saw the spot first and so have more entitlement to the area. I will make alternative plans for the courgette bed as although I could use pesticides to destroy the nest they are not harming anything and they are considered quite helpful in the garden unless of course they are stinging the gardener.

This month I am eating for victory as I follow a wartime diet in a bid to prepare for my wartime ww18-3cookery demonstrations at the Dig for Victory Show in July. For the next month I will be on strict rations as I cook up authentic WWII dishes. I will keep you posted on the progress of this experiment and let you know whether I become fighting fit as a result of reducing my sugar and fat intake.

Well off to dig my alternative courgette bed so until next week I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales.


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