ww17-1This week has seen me milking a goat, taking to the go-kart track and getting carried away with Fanny Craddock in the kitchen. Well surely you didn’t expect me to have been knitting with a mug of cocoa. It has been a busy week as usual, but as I always say, ‘settling is for dust’.

I started the week the week off with the usual pattern of balancing earning a living with looking after my two under-fives and keeping house and home together. For some strange reason I decided that after many years of living in the harmony of disorganised chaos that I would surrender and adopt a routine, well I can only put this down to some form of temporary madness. I’ve never been organised, I’ve always muddled through life and prioritised things according to lateness. Why would I want to disrupt this age-old tradition and upset a perfectly good working practice by putting a routine in place? Well I soon abandoned the silly notion and my phase of temporary insanity has now passed, I can reliably inform you that normal chaos has been resumed.

ww17-4The constant rain has meant the chore of watering the veg patch has been rendered unnecessary and everything seems to be growing well in spite of my rain induced neglect. My chicken and turkey enclosures are all ready and I am looking forward to the adventure of collecting them. I can’t help pondering over the question of, ‘how do you fit two children, fourteen bantams, three turkeys and six hatching eggs in a PT Cruiser?’ I suppose I will soon be able to tell you the answer to that little quandary as I am picking them up on Friday.

Over the years I have amassed a varied collection of kitchen gadgets varying from Victorian marmalade shredders to 1960’s canapé cutters and I’m always looking for an excuse to use them. Well this week I’ve come over all Fanny Craddock minus Johnny, as I have been creating food from the 1960’s and using some of my beloved vintage labour saving devices.ww17-5 It all started when I read Fanny’s series of books ‘Cooking with Children’ and Hattie wanted to have a go at some of the recipes, now I fear it won’t be long before I am wearing my ball gown and donning blue eye shadow as I use my 1970’s biscuit press.

ww17-3A trip to Carmarthenshire’s, Folly Farm, saw the girls and I enjoy a fun filled, but exhausting day. We went go-cart racing, enjoyed a some vintage fairground rides before going on the Ferris wheel and eating fresh doughnuts. Then it was a pit-stop lunch and off to see piglets, ferrets, rabbits, ponies and sheep at the petting farm. I tried my hand at milking a goat and once I’d got the hang of it, it was really rather relaxing. To be honest I was glad of a sit down and was willing to milk ten goats if it meant a rest. Before long it was time to take a tour on the land train and then it was time to head back to the car. After brewing a cup coffee in the car with my 1970’s auto coffee maker I headed home and within five minutes both the girls were fast to sleep. On waking, Hattie’s first words were ‘’Can we go back tomorrow?’’ I think she enjoyed herself.

Well I’m off to start brewing some rhubarb champagne so until next week, I bid you a fond farewell from a rather wet West Wales.