ww14-mummypig-001The gardening project is now back on track with the wilderness being slowly transformed back into a garden. I pottered off to the People’s Market in Lampeter on Saturday morning to buy some plants from the plant bring and buy sale that was being run by the Lampeter Permaculture Group. There was a really good turn out to the event and lots of wonderful locally grown plants for sale. All the money raised is going towards the purchase of a community apple press for the apple day held each year. I came back laden with an eclectic mix of plants including, lettuce, kale, tree onions, mallow and purslane. My delight at my purchase of chocolate mint was matched by Hattie’s delight with her strawberry plants.

ww14-mummypig-003With my gardening enthusiasm regained I planted out my vegetable plants as soon as I got home, under the expert guidance of my two little helpers. We had to dodge the showers, but then it was a good excuse to put the kettle on. I had forgotten how therapeutic gardening is and how rewarding it is to see the vegetable beds planted up and I can’t wait to reap the fruits of my labour.

This week all my activities have been focused locally and as the bluebells are out and are carpeting all the woodland floors I cannot think of anywhere better to be. In between walks, gardening and pony related activities, I have also managed to get to a local hotel called Nanteos Hall, this not only provided the most wonderful afternoon tea, but the walk in their grounds was truly magical. ww14-mummypig-008This grade I listed mansion is steeped in mystery as well as history and it is rumoured that the Nanteos Cup, a wooden chalice is in fact the object of the great Arthurian quests replayed down the ages in English fable and folklore and chronicled by Malory in Le Morte D’Arthur. There is certainly much rumour, speculation and debate over the holy provenance of this drinking bowl that has been celebrate throughout the ages for its healing powers. It first gained notoriety in 1870 when the relic was put on display in Lampeter University, after that it was displayed behind glass at the mansion, until it vanished into obscurity with the sale of the hall. There is so much more to the story and I fully intend to write an article on the enchanting history of this wonderful place.

ww14-mummypig-010The British Pie Award judging is looming and will take place on the 30th April 2014 at Melton Mowbray. My entries have been submitted today ahead of tomorrow’s judging and I am understandably nervous. The competition will be fierce and I can only hope that my three entries gain some recognition. I am now tiring of eating pies most days in the name of practice. Well it is out of my hands now and firmly in the hands of the judges of the British Pie Awards and I will know the results by the end of the week.

Well I’m off to check on Dewdrop who is hopefully foaling next month, I feel like an expectant and doting grandmother. I can’t wait to see the new arrival and the girls have already got a short list for names.

Well until next week, I bid you a fond farewell from West Wales.