Virgin, Rana & party 123 (Small)   Less than an hour ago, Virgin Flight VS43 flew over my house twice. It was flying very low and the strange loud noise made us rush outside. We’d just been watching it on the news, so we knew what it was. I grabbed my camera and Hubby John grabbed his binoculars. Virgin’s logo was plain to see, and the landing gear was visible through the binoculars. The plane was flying very slowly, slower than I’d ever seen a huge passenger plane fly before, even when preparing to land at Gatwick Airport, which is about half an hour away by car. Having just taken off on its way to Los Angeles, the plane had turned round because there were problems with the landing gear. It had circled Gatwick several times so that the fault could be inspected from the ground. It had then flown around the South coast, probably to burn off some of the fuel, and maybe dumping some of it in the sea. After flying over our house for the 2nd time, we were relieved to hear that it had landed safely on the Gatwick runway. Yes, it was pretty scary seeing it flying over here and knowing that something was wrong with it! But thank goodness that it all ended safely!