Trifle Slice

Trifle Slice

I’ve been thinking about creating this dish for some time. And Oh, what a success it’s turned out to be!

Trifle Ingredients

A plain sponge cake approx 300 g.

Tin of fruit. I used Broken Mandarin Pieces.

Dash of sherry (optional)

Jelly of your choice. I used Orange Jelly.

Blitz the cake to crumbs.Add the tin of fruit if the pieces are quite large. Mine were small so they didn’t need blitzing.

Meanwhile, make up the jelly with boiling water to just less than a pint as there will be juice in the fruit tin.

Tip the cake into the jelly. Add a dash of sherry. Stir it all well.

Tip into a square cake tin & place it in the fridge to set.

Trifle Slice

Trifle Slice


I was going to top it with Angel Delight or an orange blancmange, then I decided to ice it.


Pack of cream cheese

Approz 2 tblsps icing sugar, to sweeten.

Grated peel & juice of a satsuma.

Stir the cheese to break it down. Add icing sugar. Taste it & see if you’re satisfied.

Add the peel & juice.

Spread it all over the trifle cake.

Return it to the fridge to harden more.

Serve in slices.

You could serve this in a prebaked Shortcrust shell, but let the trifle set a bit before pouring it in or you’ll end up with a soggy bottom!

Trifle Slice

Trifle Slice