Waterrail from Eastbourne

Waterrail from Eastbourne

We’ve had a lovely Water Rail come into care after being caught by a cat in Eastbourne.He is suffering from some damage to one wing, he was treated at our Casualty Centre and given first aid, but the wing injury needs more specialist help so is going up to the Swan Sanctuary for their specialist vets to assess.

Thank you to the staff and customers at Hailsham Tesco for being so kind, helpful and supportive towards us whilst catching a pigeon trapped in the store last week.  We also rescued a balloon from the ceiling too whilst we were there. It took us about an hour to catch the pigeon stopping and starting to ensure we didn’t cause problems for customers in the store.  Our first attempt got him into the net but due to the location it was very difficult to keep him confined using a second net head and he escaped. A second attempt also failed due to the pipes and difficulty of the location in the ceiling. The third attempt by the frozen food aisle worked and we managed to bring him slowly down to ground level where he was then secured. He was rather underweight and dehydrated so was admitted into WRAS Veterinary Hospital for care.

Frammel the Fox about to be released

Frammel the Fox about to be released

The WRAS rescue line received multiple calls to sightings of an injured barn owl on the side of the A27 near Kingston near Lewes during rush hour. Two of the callers stopped and ushered the bird away from the roadside, but the frightened owl kept returning to the verge. Rescuer Chris arrived on site and managed to spot the owl and easily secure it using a net and a towel. It was taken back to our centre where Casualty Manager Lindsay gave first aid and gently warmed the owl up enough to be able to take fluids. Once stable it was rushed up to Henley House vets in Uckfield for further treatment and an X-ray. The X-ray showed a broken Ulna, luckily the radius acts as a natural splint and the bone should heal with time. We have taped the wings to stabilise the fracture and to prevent any further damage. Thank you to everyone that called and helped saved this owl a lot of suffering.

A Tawny Owl which we collected from vets in Haywards Health after being picked up by a kind motorist out of the road near Horsted Keynes, back in January was released by rescuers Jen and Brian last week. He took longer than normal to treat due to an injury to his leg. Birds of Prey need full use of their legs in order to hunt, perch and eat food properly without falling over. It has taken quite a while for the leg to recover full movement and at times we were concerned whether he would or not. But luckily he has made a full recovery and was released back to his home range.

Hailsham Tesco Pigeon

Hailsham Tesco Pigeon

On the 16th November 2015 WRAS was called to a Fox in Framfield Recreation Ground which was hypothermic, was emaciated had severe mange and a wound to its throat. The fox was gently warmed up, medicated and our vet Mike was called in placed the fox on IV fluids. We really didn’t think the fox would survive. The fox recovered from mange and its emaciation but had problems walking due to muscle wastage associated with its condition and how long the fox had been struggling before being admitted and he was knuckling on both back legs. Several times we considered putting the fox to sleep due to its slow progress but as we were continually seeing a small improvement we decided to keep going. For the past 6 weeks “Frammel” the fox has been in one of our rehabilitation pens acclimatising and improving the use of his legs. Finally last week he was released back at Framfield, and he clearly knew where he was and shot off like a rocket when released clearly happy to be home. Well done to all our WRAS volunteers for looking after him for so long.

Uckfield has some lovely independent shops in the town, one of them Paws ‘n’ Claws Pet Food Store in Uckfield have very kindly offered to donate a tin of cat food to WRAS when people visit and spend £5 or more and mention WRAS, to help us look after our hedgehogs!  Paws ‘n’ Claws Pet Food Store is run by one of our supporters Justine who is always helping out WRAS. Her store is located in a lovely little close called Olive’s Yard half way up Uckfield High Street by a shop called TN22 and Costa Coffee – and don’t forget to mention WRAS!


Very Poorly Barn Owl from Lewes

Very Poorly Barn Owl from Lewes

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