Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipit

By Trevor Weeks, MBE

We have an unusual visitor to our centre this week. It is this lovely meadow pipit which came into care from Jevington.  Her wing is injured and has been checked over by our vet Simon, however we are not sure whether he wing will fully recover, but we are going to try and give her a chance.

Thank you to everyone who has sent donations in recently this is much needed at the moment to help pay for the final phase of work being undertaken at our Casualty Centre.  Also thank you to everyone who has ordered gift via our Amazon Wish List.  I’m always amazed at how supportive everyone is and continues to be.  If you are interested in making a donation via our Wish List please go to:

We have been able to release the Tawny Owl which was found by former BBC presenter Beverley Thompson whilst driving  between Heathfield and Mayfield last week. The owl was heavily concussed when admitted but after treatment and care at our Casualty Centre the owl has made a full recovery and is now back in the wild where he belongs.  Our rescuer Dilly met up with Beverley who helped with the release.

We had another bird of prey in last week, a sparrowhawk, which was picked up in the middle of the A22 Maresfield By-pass. A passing motorist noticed the bird sat on the while lines in the road, so stopped and picked it up concerned it would get run over.   Luckily I was close by and able to arrive on site very quickly and collect the bird.  Clearly concussed the bird was given the usual treatment and care which our vets and care team seem to be administering on a regular basis at the moment for road casualties.  Luckily this bird has no broken anything and made a very quick recovery. So we were also able to return and release him too. There is a video of the release of the sparrowhawk on our facebook and You Tube pages.

Beverley Thompson with the Tawny Owl

Beverley Thompson with the Tawny Owl

Four of our male hedgehogs have gone over to one of our outdoor pens, “Date” from  Buckwell Court in Lewes, “Holly” from Brightling Road in Polegate, “Frosty”  from Walnut Walk in Polegate  and “Elf” from Mill Lane in East Hoathly.  We have also recently managed to get out for hibernation in a different pen the girls  “Kringle”  from Court Road in  Lewes, “Mulled Wine”  from St Davids Close Eastbourne and “St Nick” from  Spences Lane Lewes.  This winter has been quieter for hedgehog than the previous 4 years which is good.  We have had over 90 hedgehogs to over winter, and most of them are now off treatment for one condition or another and being built up, and progressing nicely through the system. Once big enough and healthy we move them to outdoor pens so they can safely hibernate.  Roll on Easter when we can start releasing them back to where found.

Don’t forget to book for our next Unusual Quiz Night with a Horrible History Theme! On Saturday 28th February 2015 at East Dean Village Hall just outside of Eastbourne. Tickets are £10 per person and include entry to the Quiz and a meal of Veggie Chilli, Rice and garlic bread. Teams of up to 5 people. To book please call -01825-873003.

There are a few people that have had a big impact on my life and the wildlife which WRAS now saves, I would like to thank Meta Mann who used to run a bird hospital from her home in Seaford, Vet Robin Hooper from Downwood Vets in Horam who encouraged me to change from a one-man band and to set up East Sussex Wildlife Rescue as a voluntary group; Alan Knight OBE from International Animal Rescue who has been so supportive both financially and with advice and guidance; also to Murrae Hume one of WRAS’s Trustees and company Secretary and Finance Director who works very hard behind the scenes but has now been with WRAS since 1997 one of WRAS’s longest serving volunteers. There are so many people who have been supportive and generous over the years both financially and with guidance and help including my father, and past and present volunteers and donors some who have passed on and are greatly missed. Without you all I would not be who I am nor would WRAS be where it is today. So from me a big thank you to you all for your support.

As we are celebrating the completion of my 30th year helping wildlife, I’ve decided to write a book on my life helping wildlife.  I’m looking for any old photos which anyone may have of my work with the conservation volunteer, old rescues or other environment work I’ve been involved with. So if anyone who has worked with me over the years has anything  please get in touch.

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Maresfield Sparrowhawk