We left our hotel at 9am. It wasn’t too hot yet.

Earlier, we had breakfast. There are no condiments on the tables any more. I asked for salt & pepper and was given a couple of packets, served by a bank robber in mask and gloves. All that was missing was a gun. I find it all very creepy.

Santa Cruz is the capital on Tenerife. La Laguna used to be the capital and Santa Cruz was the harbour, but the sea is a lot further out now.


Shady park

We strolled through the park grounds. The trees provided a welcome shelter from the heating-up sun.


Outside the market with mountains in the background

After a quick stop in the Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa, where I bought a necklace with a volcanic decoration, we crossed the road and went in the Espacio de las Artes, a modern art gallery, which was wasted on me. I thought a lot of the things on display were rubbish. But who am I to judge?

I enjoyed the next visit, to the Museo de Naturaleza y Arqueologia.



The Guanches, the original natives of Tenerife, had no writing and they didn’t paint their caves. But a lot of mummified bodies have been discovered.


lunch at the museum

Lunch was served at El Patio de las Palmeras in the museum grounds. Although it was very hot, it was cool there and a Symphony Orchestra quartet played while we ate. It’s a lovely venue for a wedding.

After lunch we caught the train up the mountain to La Laguna.


Cleaners on the train

Three cleaners cleaned right through our carriage while we travelled. Why couldn’t they have waited until we got off?

It’s like if someone gets their vacuum cleaner out when you’re visiting them. ‘Ok, we’re just leaving.’

La Laguna is a World Heritage UNESCO site and a very old and beautiful town.


La Laguna Hotel

 Our hotel, the 4-star La Laguna Gran Hotel,was a tobacco factory and dates back to 1776. It’s a lovely building, but the restaurant is too small for the hotel and our breakfast was a disaster. Although we’d pre-ordered, they had no idea who had ordered what. And the waitress shuffled along like Julie Waters as Mrs Overall, carrying one cup or glass at a time!


Mrs Overall


It took us over an hour to get served, and the second shift of diners were coming in.

The staff actually panicked if we lifted our mask out to breathe, crying, Cover your nose up!

Conclusion It’s good to see how hard Tenerife is trying to fight the virus, but it’s not my idea of a holiday. It’s more like a visit to hospital – in fact, they make our local hospital seem dirty!

Seeing people’s faces, smiles, and lips moving make all the difference to their facial expressions.

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