Blair & Bush

Blair & Bush

The Chilcot Report was finally released, after seven years!

It was originally supposed to have been conducted in private, but due to Media uproar, it was eventually held in public (or so we’re supposed to believe!)

The report is about the Iraq Invasion and War, 2001-2009, and whether Tony Blair involved us illegally, giving the excuse that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden somewhere, despite the fact that groups of investigators were allowed in the country whenever they wanted to look around.

Tony Blair has never shown any regret or remorse. Nor has George W Bush.

Most of the world now believes that 9/11 was a cold-blooded set-up, killing hundreds of innocent Americans and other nationalities, simply to be able to declare war on Iraq. And there was a huge dossier already written before the tragedy.

Supposing we give them both the benefit of the doubt and there’s more to this than meets the eye, as there usually is in the world of Politics?

Blair never stated what he meant by Weapons of Mass Destruction. He never said that Iraq had nuclear bombs, Big Berthas or HAARP.

So what else could these Weapons of Mass Destruction have been?



It is said that Dwight D Eisenhower is the only American president who has met and spoken with Aliens.

This took place three times in 1954.

A lot of people were being abducted, especially in New Mexico, so Eisenhower made a deal with the Aliens. He told them that they could take a certain number of humans per year, plus all the animals they wanted, in return for advanced technical information, on condition that they returned the humans unharmed and with no recollection of their treatment .

The Aliens kept the mammals in huge liquid protein tanks. But they also carried out the most horrific experiments on them.

After the meetings, the Aliens promptly broke every agreement that they’d made.

Dulce, Area 51

Dulce, Area 51

Most of us nowadays have heard of Area 51 in Dulce, New Mexico.

If you haven’t, I’ll leave you to read about it yourselves, Dear Readers.

They have one of the highest numbers of vanishing people in the world around there.

What the Aliens gave Eisenhower in return was the knowledge of how to find and look in Stargates, which lead to Wormholes or Portals.

For this, three field posts are needed; a ring component, a projection component and a barrel component.

These field posts have been decommissioned and separated into three parts.

And guess who has one each of the parts? Go on, have a guess!

NATO, the UN and the EU, that’s who!

Apart from these three parts, something called a Looking Glass is also needed. Two of them have to be turned on at once for sound.

There are over 50 man-made Stargates on this planet, some of them dating back for thousands of years.

If you look into a Stargate with the help of the Looking Glasses, you can see into the future, over the curvature of time/space and hear it as well.

Go into a Wormhole, and you can travel to other times and places.

This is probably what Aliens use for travel, not flying saucers!

No, this isn’t rubbish. Einstein wrote about it. He said that time and distance are relative.

On the 16th December 1998, a UFO was filmed flying over Baghdad. It even moved to avoid gunfire!

And then it crashed, and it seems like Saddam Hussein gave sanctuary to the crew of the UFO, taking them to his secure Palace, the Citadel of Qalaat-e-Julundi, which had a secure underground bunker.

Was this Saddam’s Area 51?

Word leaked out that Saddam was trying to reverse engineer the UFO, and he had to be stopped quickly.

It had also been known since the translation of a Sumerian tablet, that thousands of years ago, the Annunaki (which is Sumerian for Those who came from Heaven to Earth) built a Stargate in Baghdad.

blair6Now we know that Saddam couldn’t access the Stargate as the components were safely held by NATO, the UN and the EU.

But supposing that he’d suddenly been given the knowledge as a Thank You from his Alien guests?

Think about it; he’d be able to look into the future and see and hear everything that his enemies were planning to do, plus travelling around the world in minutes!

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher said when asked at a charity cocktail party in 1997 (and presumably, after a few drinks,) ‘UFOs? You must get your facts right and you can’t tell the people.’

During the Iraqi War, several million people were killed or seriously injured.

Five million children were orphaned; that’s almost half the country’s children!

A lot of the world’s politicians are psychopaths. They have absolutely no conscience or feeling of guilt about anything. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, and I’m sure their suicide rate would be quite high.

But I can’t think of any Politician who has ever killed himself, although more than a few of them have alcohol problems. There are even doubts about Hitler!

And yet, I find it impossible to believe that Blair and Bush ruthlessly lied, killed and maimed innocent people halfway round the world, plus hundreds of their own citizens, just for a few boxes of hidden guns – and Blair’s not saying anything.

So what is Tony Blair, a Megalomaniac Mass Murderer or a Martyr?

Well one thing’s for sure; we Mere Mortals will never know!


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