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It doesn’t matter what star rating they are; many Hotel Receptions don’t know the meaning of hurrying.

Most of us have travelled for several hours to get there. We just want to get into our room to freshen up and go out again without wasting time, or to have a rest for a while.

We’re booked in so the Hotel staff know that we’re coming. And it should be much quicker and easier now as they don’t have rows of metal keys hanging on hooks; they’re all key cards.

So why can’t they get our signature, and maybe our passports to photocopy later, give us our keys and let us go to our rooms!

But oh no, they get distracted by phone calls or talking to each other instead of concentrating on the queuing guests. And they don’t have the keys lined up and waiting for us with our names on.

Some people at the end of the queue have to queue for up to an hour.

And if they’re going to delay everyone for a long time, why don’t they have the courtesy to offer cold drinks?




I’ve spent ages waiting for my suitcase to be brought to my room when I’ve been waiting to have a bath and change my clothes. Now I always insist on carrying my own case.


I hate porters who push into your room and delay leaving while they insist on showing you things like the bathroom and mini-bar, trying to get a tip.

Sorry, but I tip for good service when I’m leaving, not to people who I’ve met a few seconds before who practically beg for one!




I won’t give my card details any more. I’ve been fiddled twice.

A lot of people won’t bother checking their bank cards, but I do. One 5-star hotel in London had taken £100 out of my account for the car park and I didn’t have a car there. They refunded it immediately when I complained. But I didn’t notice until I got home.

In another 5-star London Hotel, I looked in the minibar, luckily, although I wasn’t using it. The staff had got a scam going by leaving a half-full bottle of orange there so they could charge for it.

I wonder how many times they’d sold that bottle?

They took it away and apologised.

Now, if they ask for my card details at Reception, I tell them that I don’t have one with me. I’ll pay cash if I buy anything, and they can send someone to empty the minibar because I didn’t order it.


Often, asking for something at Reception takes ages. They bustle about, doing other things.

Why can’t they pay attention to guests who want serving? Someone should always watch out and see how they can help guests who want some information. If we’re on holiday, we want to go out, not spend ages waiting to be served!


I don’t want to be grabbed by staff who try to get me to take part in stupid games.

I’m not a strong swimmer and I don’t like getting my face wet. I just want to take it easy and sunbathe.

Hotels should have more than one pool; one for games, exercises, etc and one quiet one.

When all the activities are going on, there’s often no room for a quiet swim.


Why do some Hotels think that we all want loud music blaring out all day?

Can’t they ever turn it off for a few hours?


I don’t want my bed covered in cushions, covers, etc. I throw them on the floor. I never trust their cleanliness, and don’t like to think too much about what other guests have used them for.


I know they have a whole Hotel to cover, but maid service should be in the morning.

If we’re resting or getting changed and leave a Do not Disturb sign on the door, we sometimes don’t see them again that day.

It’s annoying to have a banging on the door and a shout of Housekeeping when you’ve just nodded off.


I prefer buffet food to being waited on as I can take my time and select what I want.

But I HATE lukewarm food, and some food like rice can be dangerous if it’s been standing at the wrong temperature.

Some chefs and catering staff don’t turn their bain maries on early enough so they don’t have time to heat up properly. And then in goes the cooling food, which brings down the temperature even more.

I’ve often stuck to cold salads if I wasn’t happy with the temperatures. Or I’ve filled my plate and asked them to microwave it for me.

A lot of buffets have different chefs around the room who cook food while you wait, like omelettes and steaks.

This is always a safe option.

I love travelling and staying in hotels. But there’s always room for improvement.

And oh, do I miss getting on a plane and flying away to another country!