By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Back in 1980, a Canadian man by the name of Bruce Beach put together 42 school buses which he buried underneath 14′ of ground and 2′ of concrete, creating Canada’s largest private survival shelter, a shelter which could house 500 people and a shelter which the fire department there is now attempting to shut down. Beach’s ‘Ark’ was featured in the 12 minute video ‘End Of The World – How To SurviveArmageddon‘ seen in the 2nd video below. Why are so many survivalists under attack? According to a story from Offgrid Survival, it’s thedemonization of ‘self reliance, patriotism and freedom’.

With an upcoming survivalists summit on the grounds of ‘The Ark Two’ in Dufferin County, Canada, fire officials have declared the bunker a hazard and the 35-year old disaster shelter, which is beloved by survivalists worldwide, is in danger of being welded shut for good. Beach, however, isn’t having it and says he’ll do whatever he needs to do to keep the shelter open, even if that means getting arrested for doing it.

The structure was designed and built under the direction of a licensed structural engineer who had been building subway tunnels in Toronto and according to Beach, ‘The Ark Two’ is structurally sound. The fire department has asked the police department to seal up the door to the bunker, but, as of this moment, the police department has stated that they don’t have the authority to do so, leaving this story’s conclusion still up-in-the-air as to what the final result will be.

Featuring water pumps, generators, food, water and everything else one would need to survive a nuclear attack or a zombie apocalypse, survival event organizer Che Bodhi says that when you go inside of the bunker for the 1st time, it feels like a different planet: “It’s like you’re on Mars” he said.


While the videos below share this story in much more detail we have to ask, is this another incident of government overreach and a side-effect of the NWO globalists demand for the depopulation of the masses of good people in the world? This story certainly needs to see the light of day and while ‘The Ark Two’ isn’t exactly where we’d prefer to spend ‘the apocalypse’, it was obviously one heck of an undertaking and we back Bruce Beach completely and wish him luck in keeping this fascinating work of architecture open.

All photographs above and below videos courtesy of Global News Canada. In the 1st video below we see a mainstream news media about this story while in the 2nd video below, we see a video by 16X9 called ‘End Of The World: How To Survive Armageddon’ which featured ‘The Ark Two’.

With this now happening we have to ask, why is there such a concerted effort to hamper the efforts of those who are providing a way for private citizens to ‘survive Armageddon’? Certainly, Beach isn’t the only survivalist under attack under Agenda 21 and the depopulationagenda of the elitists, who hope to kill off 90% of the world’s population .