By Annick Dournes & Frédéric de Poligny





With more and more people seeking to reduce their meat consumption more and more cities throughout the world have to meet the needs of these demanding consumers. A recent study has tested 200 cities on the five continents out of which 75 have been chosen as best “vegan friendly”. Whether for holidays or for a move this study can help you make your choice.





The study was carried out by Nestpick an aggregator platform for midterm rental of furnished apartments browsing over 80,000 listings in 31 European cities. This list of vegan friendly cities does not purport to be exhaustive and comprehensive since data was not available for all the cities considered a good choice by travelling vegans but it is a good starting point. The criteria taken into account to establish the list are many and varied. They include the number and quality of vegetarian restaurants, the affordability of fruits and vegetables as well as plant based protein produce or the number of annual vegan events and festivities.




Here is the overall Top 10 list of cities with the highest score for different criteria:

1- London

2- Berlin

3- Munich

4- Vienna

5- Glasgow

6- Zurich

7- Palma de Mallorca

8- Los Angeles

9- Bristol

10- San Francisco




Depending on your own selection criteria this first list may not be enough to help you make your choice. The following lists are based on more specific criteria and you will se that depending on your choices the panel of cities can be very changing.

For example if you are looking for a town with excellent vegetarian restaurants you will choose among a very different selection:

1- Taipei

2- Detroit

3- Tokyo

4- Auckland

5- Gothenburg

6- Cape Town

7- Oklahoma City

8- Vienna

9- Johannesburg

10- Chennai




But if you generally prefer having a wide choice of vegan restaurants rather than looking for the highest quality the ranking is quite different:

1- London

2- Rome

3- Ubud

4- Amsterdam

5- Berlin

6- Milan

7- Edinburgh

8- Paris

9- Barcelona

10- Dubai




Next the study has listed the best affordable cities for fruits, vegetables and plant based protein produce. And here again the lists are notably different!

Looking for affordable fruits and vegetables go to:

1- Ghent

2- Tel Aviv

3- Edinburgh

4- Barcelona

5- Palma de Mallorca

6- Glasgow

7- Manchester

8- Houston

9- Madrid

10- Dallas




Surprisingly affordable plant base protein produce is found in other cities, mostly in the US, the world champ of processed food!

1- Denver


3- Houston

4- Tel Aviv

5- Melbourne

6- Sydney

7- Los Angeles

8- Ghent

9- Boston

10- Minneapolis




The results are given as a percentage out of the total number of restaurants in each city.

Ten best cities for vegetarian restaurants:

1- Edinburgh 50,32%

2- Munich 49,90%

3- Ubud 48,46%

4- Zurich 48,44%

5- Amsterdam 43,52%

6- Bristol 43,18%

7- Vienna 42,30%

8- Glasgow 40,72%

9- Hamburg 40,16%

10- Ghent 39,73%




Ten best cities for vegan restaurants:

1- Ubud 38,40%

2- Edinburgh 33,46%

3- Bristol 26,79%

4- Glasgow 25,47%

5- Tel Aviv 24,34%

6- Wellington 24,21%

7- Dublin 22,03%

8- Manchester 21,58ù

9- Amsterdam 21,52%

10- London 19,56%




Next the study has listed the cities according to their affordability for vegetarian restaurants:

1- Chiang Mai

2- Ubud

3- Bangkok

4- Istanbul

5- Prague

6- Buenos Aires

7- Warsaw

8- Sao Paulo

9- Bogota

10- Cape Town




Finally the study has ranked the cities according to the number of vegetarian and vegan friendly events and festivities. If you want to socialise with other vegans this is where you want to be:

1- London

2- New York

3- Chicago

4- Los Angeles

5- Atlanta

6- Paris

7- Seattle

8- Berlin

9- Barcelona

10- Toronto

Animal welfare, sustainability or climate change are becoming main concerns for more and more people especially for the millennial and Z generations and probably for the future ones to come. In this context the rise of vegan or flexitarian way of life is a strong trend and comes as no surprise. Remember a time when you were happy with just one or two vegetarian options on a restaurant menu? These days are gone and the significant rise of vegetarian bars, restaurants and events throughout the world in the last passed years makes it much more easier for us to make our own choices.

Text ©Annick Dournes

Photos ©Frederic de Poligny