Was the Great Pyramid in Egypt built in a location chosen

because of its geometry from where the legendary Noah’s Ark
was located?

Also were both Darius’ tomb in Persia and the Great Pyramid
in Egypt linked by the Golden Rectangle to the Noah’s Ark

And this introduces…

This newsletter was triggered by an email coming in from
a lady called Kerensa. She asked a fascinating question.

It concerned an absolutely astonishing ancient riddle.

She referred to American marine salvage expert David Fasold
who says that he was poring over the 275 BC writings of a
Chaldean scholar named Berosus.

Berosus wrote about the “Magur”, or survival vessel of the
Deluge (popularly known today as Noah’s Ark).

But the puzzle was this: Berosus said it was 5 stades in
length by 2 stades in breath.

“Now, wait a minute,” thought Dave. “That would make no sense.
It would make the boat 3,000 feet long by 1,200 feet wide!”

Poor Berosus! Perhaps his brain was touched by the hot Middle
East sun.

Anyway, Dave Fasold thought about this. Something about this
“wild exaggeration” disturbed him. And he wondered, Why on
earth should an otherwise learned man, writing with the ancient
knowledge at his disposal, suddenly slip into such nonsensical

Surely Berosus himself could hardly have believed the Ark to
be that big!

Of course, Berosus’works had been retranslated a number of
times before reaching us. Could it be that the original works
of Berosus used a Chaldean symbol that had been mistakenlyPersian-4
translated “stadia”?

Egyptian surveyors used a right-angle triangle, one corner
of which was 36 degrees. This was called a “mr”.

Could a similar geometric figure have been used in Berosus’
original work?


Could Berosus be giving a geographical location for the Ark,
rather than the Ark’s exaggerated dimensions?

The Chaldeans (directly descended, according to Josephus, from
Arphaxad, born two years after the Flood – Josephus, ch. vi: 4)
would surely have held sacred the knowledge of the exact
location of the Ark.

Berosus was, after all, giving the Babylonian or Chaldean
perspective on world history. And Fasold noted at least one
Babylonian word preserved in the translation.

Now, about geographical locations. Every spot on earth is
measured from the prime meridian – an imaginary dividing
line that runs from north to south.

Today’s prime meridian of longitude, as we all know, runs
through Greenwich in England. But in Berosus’ day the Chaldeans
would still consider the world divided by their prime meridian,
even though conquered by Alexander.

Their meridian ran through Persia. The “world navel” was
marked by Darius’ tomb just west of Persepolis. On the same
latitude as the Cheops pyramid of Egypt, this geodetic  centre
of the world would be 30 degrees 00’ N and 52 degrees 50’ E,
on today’s maps.

Persian-1A RATIO?

What was Berosus REALLY saying? It was just a faint whim, mind
you, but could it be, from Berosus’ understanding, that “5 by 2”
was a RATIO, pivoting on this world navel, to give the location
of the Ark?

I am indebted to Fasold for taking me thus far. His investigation
was brilliant. But from here on it became hazy and he lost me.
I’d have to figure out the solution my own way… if at all.

For now, it went into the “too hard” file.

Yet, in the succeeding months, this riddle just would not die.
I found myself flirting with it – and time and again pushing it
aside. On at least one occasion, a solution stared me in the face,
only to slip away again.

Then one morning, after eighteen months of this, all fell into
place. What happened was simply staggering.

The result was this:

1. The 2 by 5 stadia was actually a geometrical puzzle/code
detailing the degrees or coodinates of a triangle which pinpoints
the Ark’s location.

2. Both the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Tomb of King Darius
in Persia (Iran)  were physically constructed with reference to
their distance and angle from the location of Noah’s Ark in

3. The three locations were triangulated, by using the series of
Fibonacci golden ration numbers – up to 4,000 years before
Fibonacci was even born!

When my team and I explored the mountains of eastern Turkey, at
an elevation of over 6,000 feet, we were finally able to put this
to the test.

And in the mountains of Ararat, I found myself standing on a rise
overlooking a dried mud flow.

Silhouetted against it were the decaying remains of a gigantic
boat. This boat-shape and the line of Berosus were literally


Anyway, back to Kerensa’s question. “So, I’m just wondering,”
she wrote, “Who cracked the Barosus code first – was it you or
was it David Fasold?”

I wrote back to Kerensa that Dave Fasold cracked it first. But he
did not reveal HOW.

I went down the same track soon after but it took me many months
of attempts before I was finally able to crack it.

This event of the Berosus puzzle is the subject of a new DVD
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Best regards,
Jonathan Gray
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