Balancing Barn

Balancing Barn

Dangling halfway over a Suffolk hill, the Balancing Barn isn’t everyone’s first choice of holiday accommodation. In fact, Hubby John and I couldn’t get any friends to come with us. They looked at the photos and shuddered!

We’re glad they decided against it though, as we had the whole place to ourselves. And it’s very conveniently situated for going out every day, exploring Suffolk.

It was designed by the Dutch firm MDRDV, who really have the knack of thinking outside the box!

From the road, the Barn is almost invisible, and it’s surrounded by woodland and a lake.

Apart from the fact that it’s covered in energy-saving silver tiles which change colour with the seasons, the Barn looked normal enough as we parked outside it.

Inside though, it’s a joy to explore it all!

The kitchen/dining room is huge, and a chef’s delight, with a long work surface.

There are views out of French windows on both sides, and a mural runs round the walls. In fact, at first it’s hard to find the door leading into the rest of the house.

Everywhere’s clad in wood, from floor to ceiling. Again, it’s for insulation. The central heating is underfloor, and as guests are asked to remove their shoes, this makes it a pleasure to walk barefoot.

At the end of the long corridor is the sitting-room, which dangles in space, with floor-to-wall windows on three sides, and a partial glass floor!

I spent a lot of time lying on my stomach, staring downwards as I’d brought some food for the wildlife.

And none of them turned up to eat my offerings; not a fox, hedgehog, or even a mouse. Ungrateful little creatures!

Everything in the room is individual, designer-made, and very expensive. Every chair, lamp, cushion, etc is totally different. At first it looks like the purchases of a high-class jumble sale. But they all blend expertly together.

The four bedrooms are again wood. The bathroom roofs open, so you can laze in the bath and gaze up at the stars. And the towels are so fluffy that I had a job to fasten my suitcase! (Joke.)

Outside, the garden starts high at the front door, then drops right down.

Under the house is a swing, which is a strange sensation. Imagine swinging with half a house above you. But I loved it!

Surrounding the Barn there’s an acre of garden to walk around, with a barbecue area.

The building is 30m long, and half of it hangs out in free space and cantilevers over the garden below.

There are no phones in the Barn. And the TV is just for the use of DVDs.

It’s a great place for a band to compose their next album. It’s also sheer Heaven for artists and authors, honeymooners – no, rephrase that. It’s sheer Heaven for everyone!

Would I go back there?

Yes I would, with pleasure!

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