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Steves Sojourns: Noble Caledonia announce new brochures.

Greenland Brochure
Greenland Brochure

Noble Caledonia have announced new brochures two new cruises aboard the MS Serenissima exploring not only the wonders of Iceland but also the remote Faroe Islands. With the possibility of seeing humpback whales, orcas, white-beaked dolphins and colonies of seabirds these Icelandic voyages are ideal for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Similarly, the cruise ‘Greenland & Beyond’ will also appeal to those with a passion for nature with the opportunity to observe dramatic glaciers of the Arctic whilst travelling in comfort aboard the five-star Hanseatic Inspiration.

River cruising aboard the MS Royal Crown Noble Caledonia
River cruising aboard the MS Royal Crown Noble Caledonia

For the ultimate European river cruise, you can embark the MS Royal Crown for their ‘Across Europe by River’ itinerary and visit a total of eight countries over the course of three weeks. Alternatively, if you wish to focus on discovering northern Europe and the cities of the Baltic then we have just released a 2021 date for ‘Sailing from the Baltic to Britain’ aboard the MS Hebridean Sky.

Iceland Brochure
Iceland Brochure

Lastly, for those craving turquoise waters and pristine islands and atolls, there is their ‘In the Wake of the Bounty,’ an island hopping expedition from Easter Island through the South Seas to Tahiti.


Ice fiord Greenland
Ice fiord Greenland

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