How come it’s there and i have never seen it?
I have asked myself this question several times during my visit to some places, today is one of these days in which i have asked myself the same question again during my visit to Eden Palm Park in Tozeur. I was in Tozeur paying a visit to my brother, i thought of hanging out alone so i turned my mobile location service on and i start checking for places, “EdenPalm Park”, the name got my attention and also its location as it was in the middle of the forest. I went to it, from far, the place was looking great, neat, calm and green, i kept telling myself that having a coffee in this place would be what i need at that moment but the satisfaction of the place exceeded my needs. Eden Palm Park is a gate that will take you to a different time and space, another level, what is there is simple but it is also amazingly amazing, an entrance to the park, an outside space equipped with tables and chairs for having a coffee or eating something, a small space for kids, the reception by the inside entrance, a small museum in which presented an important aspect of the history of Dates and palm trees.

Also there exist a small factory inside the park specialized in the transformation of Dates into a variety of medical and cosmetic products, the backyard of the park is a jungle, literary a jungle.
Eden Palm Park is now about 10 years old, a beautiful construction in a wonderful area, a place that has a lot to offer for the customers, it can’t be all told at once.