Well, what a hornet’s nest did a recent newsflash stir up!

For example, when Borg of Austria shared it with a friend,
he got a nasty shock. I’ll let him tell you about it.

But first, may I briefly refresh your memory on what that
Newsflash contained. We reported that during the Gulf War
a satellite had located the Exodus route of the Israelites from
Egypt and also the location of the true Red Sea crossing.

But this was instantly challenged by Borg’s friend.


My report stated that in November 1990, in the lead up to
the first Gulf War, America shifted its KEYHOLE spy
satellite into position over the Iraqi desert.

“BIG BIRD,” as the ground crews called it, had infrared exodus3
scanners capable of detecting a temperature difference of
only 1/2 degree from its lofty perch of 155 miles.

It was placed into position to take pictures of Saddam
Hussein’s secret buried tanks.

The tanks would heat up during the hot daylight hours and
continue to hold heat long after the rest of the desert
cooled during the night.

The buried tanks showed up on the satellite photo like neon

The exact location of each tank was then plotted on a
target map and given to American and British pilots who
systematically eliminated them.


However, Big Bird photographed more than buried tanks.

To everyone’s amazement, a thin red line (heated areas show
up as red on infrared photos) was seen coming from the Nile
delta in Egypt.

The line went first eastward, and then south-eastward, over
the high plateau of the Sinai Peninsula, finally dropping
down onto what is today called The Gulf of Aqaba, the
easternmost finger of the Red Sea.

According to descriptions in the book of Exodus, this was
the precise route taken by 3 million Israelites, their
cattle and covered wagons during their escape from slavery
in Egypt in 1446 BC.

You need only look at map of this area to realize that if
the Israelites took such a route they were ultimately

In front of them was the Red Sea. Coming from behind them
to the northwest was Pharaoh’s army. They had been led into
what appeared to be a trap.

If one is to believe the biblical account, the sea
miraculously opened and froze on both sides for the Israelites
to escape across the seabed to the safety of the opposite
shore. And from there they headed for Mount Sinai in Arabia.

It also claims that Pharaoh’s pursuing army was totally
wiped out as the waters thawed and crashed back upon them
from both sides.

Skeptics had scoffed. It could never have happened, they

Now the satellite photo team scanned the photo.

The thin red line crossed the Sinai peninsula and stopped at
the Red Sea.

Then it emerged from the other side of the sea in present day
Saudi Arabia and continued onward, eventually ending up at
the foot of a 3,465 foot mountain named “Jabal al Lawz” —
the real Mount Sinai?

The satellite photo team stared incredulously at the photo!

A red line on the satellite map traced the exact route of
the Exodus.

When the Gulf War finally ended, archaeologists went back
into the region to discover how it was possible for a
3,500-year-old trail to exist well enough to show up on
satellite photos.

They found that a huge mass of people had pulverized the
desert sand into a fine, flour-like powder.

During the desert nights, the humidity rises to levels of
near 100%, thus wetting the powdery sand, making a
concrete-like substance.

Through the years, this highway was buried by shifting sands,
protecting the trail from the elements.

During the day it would heat up like the tanks, and being
more dense than the surrounding sand, continue holding  the
heat longer into the cold nights!


Well, Borg got my last week’s newsletter which reported this.
He sent it to his friend.

But the man’s response was… Well, how about you hear it
from Borg himself…

“My friend says he checked very thoroughly for hours upon
hours the information you sent me. I didn’t tell him where
it was from. Just thought he’d be interested and intrigued.
Then I received the following message from him:


“There is A LOT of inaccurate information in there,


“The first Gulf War didn’t start until 1990 – but
the final launch of KH-9 (aka Big Bird) was in 1984
and the satellite’s computer programming only had a
lifespan of 275 days. So Big Bird was not working
during the Gulf War.


“And all of the photographs were done in black and
white. They have been declassified. So to say there
was color trails and such, isn’t possible with it
having been black and white photographs. The only
mission that had any color infrared, was a very
limited amount on one launch that was done in 1973,
and it had nothing to do with the gulf war, etc.

“There is enough inaccurate information in it trying
to be passed off as fact that I write it off as
complete bullshit.

“When you’re looking up information on it, the actual
name of the satellites was KH-9, they were code named
Hexagon, and commonly called Big Bird. They were built
by Lockheed.”

Borg was devastated. Could our report be false?

“So: There I was,” says Borg. “And found myself rather awkward
positioned. This is a very serious guy, and accuracy is
everything to him, VERY important. I’d hate to stand out as
a fool to him, because my credibility would be shot dead.

“If that happens, I’ll not be able to address the people I’m
currently working amongst, and it’s a very closed society,
but I’ve gotten credibility because I speak the truth openly
and on their level, and have been accepted there because of

“This is now in jeopardy, because my friend is a leader in
the community. Please put this high on your priorities. Borg,


On the surface, Borg’s critic friend has made several plausible
objections to my report.

To understand the terms used, it should be noted that a
“BIG BIRD” is a spy satellite (officially referred to
as a reconnaissance satellite). It is actually an Earth
observation satellite or communications satellite deployed
for military or intelligence applications.

These are essentially space telescopes that are pointed
toward Earth instead of toward the stars.

Well, the critic is correct in saying that the KH-9 spy
satellite called “Hexagon” was known as “Big Bird”. And that
it was put up in the 1970s, not the 1990s.

And he is absolutely correct in the details he gave about that
particular series of satellites.


But, with respect, if the critic claims that he “checked
very thoroughly for hours upon hours the information”, then
I feel sorry for this dear man.

The truth is that most of the information which he came up
with can be found as quickly as 5 minutes in The Free
Dictionary online.

The critic’s research was woefully deficient.

This dear man focuses his full argument on the KH-9, who built
it, when it was launched, how long it functioned and that
it took only black and white photos.

The critic sounds well informed – because his objection is
peppered with tid bits of plausible detail.

Great! – if it was the KH-9 satellite I was speaking about.


You see, I was not talking about KH-9 at all!

When any critic is obsessed with finding fault and not
learning, he will often make silly mistakes. And our poor
critic friend fell into the same trap.

Firstly, in our report. we specifically mentioned
“Keyhole” satellite. But the critic missed the clue. This
was a crucial flaw in his research.

You see, “KEYHOLE” applies to K-11, a type of satellite
launched between 1976 and 1990 and in use during the Gulf
War. (See the Wikipedia quotation below.)

Secondly, while it is true that the term “Big Bird”
specifically denotes KH-9, it is also popularly applied to
any “classified reconnaissance satellite” as such.

The term “Big Bird” applies, for example, to the Corona
satellite, KH-11, KH-12, KH-6, KH-8, KH-10, KH-1, KH-3,
Landsat, and the list goes on.

For confirmation of this, the critic could have gone to

I am sorry, but our dear critic – sincere as he may be –
has overlooked this popular use of the term “Big Bird”.

And, sad to say, this mistake negates every single detail of
his argument.

Pat Norris, an authority on the subject, writes:

“…during the 1980s and early 1990s there was usually one or
at most two of the advanced versions of the KH-11 Big Bird…
in orbit, each one no doubt incorporating incremental
improvements over earlier versions.

“Now in 2007 with US forces engaged in active combat in two
or three places around the globe, there are four in
operation launched in 1995, 1996, 2001, and 2005.

“Since 1988 the US has also had a radar-imaging satellite
in orbit, usually called by the name Lacrosse in the press
– the military don’t even admit to Lacrosse’s existence
let alone confirm its correct name.” (Pat Norris, Spies in
the Sky: Surveillance Satellites in War and Peace, p.171)

Regarding this KH-11 Big Bird satellite, Wikipedia states:

“The KH-11, also referenced by the codenames 1010[1],
Crystal and Kennan[2], also commonly known as “Key Hole”,
was a type of reconnaissance satellite launched by the
American National Reconnaissance Office between December
1976 and 1990 and used until present.”

The bottom line is that Big Bird WAS in orbit during the
Gulf War – and still is. I submit that it did accomplish
what we have claimed. Our case stands.

However, even without the satellite confirmation, our
archaeological teams comprising at least 35 international
divers have found scattered all across the seabed at the
precise spot indicated by the satellite discovery, the
skeletal remains of horses and men, mixed in with chariot
cabs,wheels,and other parts.

In fact, in this room  – virtually beside me, as  I write
this to you – lies a portion of one of these chariot wheels.
And that’s even better – because it is physical evidence
that you can see, smell and touch.

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Jonathan Gray


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