So Figgy Bread baked, eaten, baked and eaten again a rest is needed and more walking necessary, which as it is Bank Holiday Weekend – Dia de Todos los Santos or All Saints’ Day – on Monday should be easy. Especially as the new rules in Andalucia have prevented travel into the autonomous region but also in the provinces of Seville, Jaen and Granada travel between each town is restricted. On Tuesday plans were released and Thursday at midnight introduced. So along with the curfew in the whole of Spain between 11pm and 6 am (variable  in some regions) we are restricted on movement. A real shame for this weekend for tourist accommodation and the travel industry. Just my little holiday rental home for instance, even though a group of friends were coming from the next town to celebrate Halloween they now can not cross the border nor can more than 6 people gather together in or out of the home. No renters, no income.

The cemeteries will be quiet this year! No spooky games and fancy dress after curfew. My weekend will be quiet too as a planned airport run for a friend had to be brought forward to deliver him to a hotel and dash home before 11pm and no  preparing needed of the holiday home ready for guests. What a year! As I didn´t predict my sons (the two at home) both independently checked up on us asking ´What time did you two get home last night?´ My ´three minutes to 11´ response resulted in tuts and raised eyebrows. Is this the beginning of our decline?


Out of the Office Blue Sky

Out of the Office Blue Sky

These new restrictions come after plenty of complaints as the ´new state of alarm´ only introduced the curfew, which many said was not harsh enough. So it is perfectly alright to mix and maybe catch Co-vid during the day but absolutely not between 11p and 6pm?? My blood pressure goes up when talking about it. May 2020 soon pass. Having spent the last decade complaining that life whizzes by I sure would like this period of it to do so.

On the bright side, and it is. as I write sun streams through the office windows, 30th October and the forecast is 24c today. The church clock chimes 10.30am and by the amount of people passing and traffic noise it would be very easy to think everything is right in the world, except with masks and sunglasses on they look like bank robbers. Let´s see what November brings. Will the travel restrictions be lifted or continued on November 9th? My guess? No. We have two Bank Holidays on 6th and 8th December and I´m guessing the restrictions will stay in place to prevent people travelling again. Then what? We are crawling towards Christmas. Will it be with or without family gatherings this year?

B-C-Ing-U in two weeks….



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