The huge yacht looked out of place moored beside the Hotel Hemingway, near Havana in Cuba. What was it doing there? My journalistic instinct began to twitch, and, after a couple of mojitos I marched over, walked on board and knocked on the door. It was opened almost immediately by a young American called Sean. He was surprised to see me standing there and smiled politely. cuba-tournat02I didn’t know what to say, so I introduced myself and blurted out, ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you around,’ he replied, ‘Any time. It’s our day off.’ The next day I went back and knocked again. Sean opened the door, then he stepped outside and pulled the door closed behind him. ‘They won’t let me show you round,’ he reluctantly told me quietly. He’d obviously been keen to let me in. ‘It must have been very difficult for an American yacht to get permission to be here, wasn’t it?’ I asked. Sean nodded. ‘Very difficult. It took months of to-ing and fro-ing.’ I asked him outright what an American boat was doing moored in Cuba. My guess was they were searching for oil and the Cuban Government had done a secret deal with them as they didn’t have the money or equipment to do anything themselves. Sean swallowed. I could tell that he was bursting to let me in on the secret. ‘I can’t tell you,’ he finally said, ‘But you’ll know about it soon. The whole world will know.’ ‘Promise that you’ll let me be the first one to be informed,’ I begged, handing him my card. ‘Sure,’ he replied, taking it. He never did. cuba-tournat04When I returned to the UK I started hunting around on my computer. And to my absolute amazement, Andrew Collins’ article popped up almost at once! (See previous Atlantis article here.) The yacht wasn’t looking for oil. It was blatantly obvious. I’d been stood on the deck of an American boat that was researching Atlantis! Oh, kick kick kick! If I’d known I’d never have left. I’d have begged and pleaded and dug down deep for every bit of charm that I could conjure up, persuading them to take me with them for the day! What a bummer! I’ve kept in touch with Andrew Collins and he gave me permission to reproduce his whole article in B-C-ing-U! It now seems that it’s possible there will be proof in our lifetime that Atlantis did indeed exist exactly where Plato said it was, although he definitely got his dates wrong. Atlantis was a continent. It must have been huge! And the whole lot was possibly flooded in a few hours. Other underwater sightings made off Bimini, up to 100 miles from the shore, seem to show vertical walls, a great arch, and pyramids or bases for pyramids. 10 miles north of the island of Andros, in the Bahamas, pilots have photographed great circles of standing stones on the seabed, that look just like Stonehenge. cuba-tournat01Off the coasts of eastern Yucatan and British Honduras seemingly man-made roads stretch far out to sea, just like the Bimini Road, and off Venezuela there’s a 100-mile ‘wall’ running along the ocean bottom. For some strange reason, Geologists still stubbornly insist these are all natural features, and say the Venezuelan wall is “too big to be considered man-made”. It seems that the Russians explored the underwater city covering over 10 acres of the sea floor north of Cuba before the Americans did. They probably ran out of money. And the French bathyscape Archimede has reported sighting flights of steps carved in the steep continental shelf off Northern Puerto Rico. So they all link together. Freshwater plants, and rocks that were obviously above the water level long ago have been brought up from the Atlantic sea-bed. Often the mystery’s not just the sightings or the discoveries; it’s the so-called Experts’ reaction to them, as though they don’t want it to be genuinely useful information about our past. Or are they actually taking the investigations seriously, but keeping the results from us for some reason that only they know? Do they think it would cause mass panic if they told us that the World has been tilted on its axis, probably by comets, asteroids, and volcanic eruptions? It’s nearly been destroyed several times, and probably will be again. cuba-tournat06We know that a massive asteroid landed in the Yucatan. That probably wasn’t what caused the annihilation of the continent as it happened about 65 million years ago. But it probably wiped out the dinosaurs. The one that destroyed Atlantis must have been another one. Maybe it didn’t hit us. Its passing close by would have been enough to tilt the world before it shot off into Outer Space. I don’t think that the knowledge would cause mass panic. In fact, it might make us all appreciate life more! Maybe I will have that 2nd chocolate biscuit after all!