My Doctor told me, after a blood test several years ago, that my cholesterol was high and I needed to take tablets to control it.

That night, after just one tablet, I sat up in agony, genuinely feeling that I was going to die as I felt so ill!

The next morning, I went to see him again and told him that I would never take another of those pills.

He told me that there were lots of different brands and that we could try another one. But I refused. Instead, he gave me a referral and I went to the gym.

After some research, I discovered that almost everyone I knew was on permanent medication , taking cholesterol tablets, plus various other pills.

My Mother regularly has a vanload of pills and potions delivered to her home. She doesn’t even know what half of them are for!

pillsWhen my neighbour was called in for a routine blood test I told her that she would be told that her cholesterol was high.

‘Don’t be silly,’ she replied, ‘I’m a size six and a vegetarian.’ She also exercised and walked a lot.

Sure enough, she told me that she’d been informed that her cholesterol was high. She refused the medication, and now her cholesterol is normal again. It’s righted itself.

If I hadn’t have warned her, she would have obediently taken the tablets.

My husband was told that his cholesterol was high. He took a couple of pills, and came home early for work, saying that he thought he was having a heart attack!

pills4I ran him to the hospital and, after tests, they told him his heart was OK. Yes, the tablets had triggered off the symptoms.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited my Doctor for something and he said it was time to check my blood pressure and have a blood test. He’s a good Doctor, easy to talk to and very thorough.

My blood pressure was normal, and so was my cholesterol level.

But if I’d started taking the medication, it would never be normal and I’d be on the medication for life.

I have to take a low-dose blood pressure tablet every day. I’ve tried to stop several times, and my blood pressure rises again.

pills2I asked him once why they never cure anything any more; they just control it.

Another friend had a bad year. He lost his mother and his business.

Suffering with depression, he went to the Doctor who prescribed anti-depressants, then informed him after a while that he’d be on them forever, even though his life is sorted out now. He’d been given no choice.

My friend was a Medical Sales Rep. He took Doctors out for lunch and persuaded them to prescribe his Company’s products.

Doctors get a commission for the things they prescribe.

My friend called himself a Drugs Dealer. He had a large detached house with his own plane and runway at the bottom of the garden.

There are some well-known cases of Pharmaceutical Whistle-Blowers being persecuted, and even possibly murdered.

It seems that these big Companies aren’t interested in anything except making  big money by getting us all addicted to the medication that’s meant to cure us.

About 10 years ago, I was working temporarily at an outdoor centre. Schools would often stay there for several days so the children could take part in the activities, including rock climbing, skiing, etc.

One evening one of the teachers collected a carrier bag that she’d left in the dining-room. She told me it was full of all the children’s medication!

Children on medication?  Why?

When I was a child, the only children I knew on medication were the odd asthma sufferer, who had an inhaler.

So what’s going on? Why do young, healthy children need to be pumped full of chemicals? It sounds very wrong to me!

Do you ever read the list of side-effects that these drugs can cause? Some of them are seriously dangerous. It’s very scary. We sometimes need to take more drugs to cure the side-effects! I usually prefer to have whatever was wrong with me in the first place!

When we buy a car, Insurance, etc we have to wade through a long list of rules & regs which are read out to us, but we’re never made aware of the drugs’ side-effects. We have to find out for ourselves – after they’ve been prescribed!

Mother Nature is very clever and well-balanced. There is often a natural cure for everything.

I seriously believe that there are cures for many diseases like cancer, but the Pharmaceutical Companies make a lot more money from just controlling them. And the more people who are on medication for life, the happier they are!

Does that sound stupid? Well, don’t just take my word for it; do your own research!