MalibuStructure11In mid 2014 a mysterious “structure” which some claimed was an “alien base” and others explained as a natural underwater formation, was subject to intense Internet scrutiny, where even seasoned experts were at a loss to explain, with any certainty, what this strange structure was.

As is explained in the first video below by Secureteam10, new signals have been discovered coming from this location, which once again has conspiracy theorists puzzled and fascinated, with a man named Mr. Emmett providing audio (which also can be heard in the video below) of what he has captured. Also included is a strange claim by Robert Stanley that this “structure” is actually a “ship” that has been 2,000 feet underwater for many, many years.

Links to the original audio as well as analysis will be posted below the first video.

Listen to the video, the original audio, click the links, then decide for yourself whether this is something naturally formed, some type of “alien” structure, or maybe a secret military base.

Originally published in Before It’s News.

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