nevadasiede01Sometimes it’s not what we see and hear on the news that bothers me; it’s what we DON’T see and hear!
A massive Waco-style siege has been going on in Nevada, and the British media hasn’t even mentioned it.
This has been sent to me by my American journalist friend, Susan Duclos.

Once again a situation where federal authorities arbitrarily change laws and rules and just expect the general public to blindly follow those rules.

Well one man, a rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy, has refused and does not recognize any federal authority over the land and now dozens of armed federal officers, rangers and agents, are preparing a showdown with this one older gentleman you will see in the video below.

nevadasiede03To understand the principle Bundy is fighting for, one has to know that Mr. Bundy’s forefathers have been up and down that area since 1877, yet in 1993 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to change the grazing rules for Gold Butte to protect the endangered desert tortoise, an area Bundy and his family had been using since before the BLM even existed.

Bundy’s message is simple: “This has become a police state, and this is an example of it right here.”

The example he talks about is how the Feds have set up a “free speech zone” in the area, a media zone and have nevadasiede04created a wall of agents to prevent the general public from entering a 600,000-acre section of “public land,” as they prepare to round up Bundy’s cattle and sell it off.

With all these rangers and all this force that is out here, they are only after one man right now. They are after Cliven Bundy. Whether they want to incarcerate me or whether they want to shoot me in the back, they are after me. But that is not all that is at stake here. Your liberty and freedom is at stake,” Bundy said.

nevadasiede05Bundy continues on to tell reporters “My forefathers have been up and down the Virgin Valley ever since 1877. All these rights I claim have been created through pre-emptive rights and beneficial use of the forage and water. I have been here longer. My rights are before the BLM even existed.”

He has fought this battle politically, legally and through the media, he says, his neighbors support him, and he vows he will “fight it on the ground if I have to.”

One man is standing up for not only his rights, but for freedom and liberty…… who will stand with him?

nevadasiede06Apparently Bundy’s son was tazered, and a pregnant woman was pushed to the ground.
Bundy’s defenders are worried in case there are infiltrators in their midst. It only takes one gunshot and the lot of them will be mown down.

The Bundy family is being guarded 24 hours a day.



Article used with permission from Before It’s News