Soaking legs in the rain soaked beach……

The ups & downs of city life can bog one’s spirit. Its important to rejuvenate one’s zeal towards life with novel things and thus positively distract the self from one’s routine. Just like when a cell phone’s batteries go down and requires a re-charge, similarly its important that one should recharge the self so that the tough times from the past and the upcoming hardships can be faced with grace and positive energy.

The Konkan fields all set to make the best of monsoon….

To break my routine and cope up with the lows of life I usually plan a ‘fun travel’ which I believe is an antidote to sad and tough moments, which one may experience due to what so ever reasons.

Rice fields nurturing the future crop……

Recently, to re-set myself, I went on a long drive on a rainy day to Alibag. Alibag is a small town 100 Kms South of Mumbai. Its situated in the Raigad district and falls in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.  As I drove, it was a mesmerizing sight to see the lush green rice fields, fresh rivulets flowing around, cloudy weather, heavy occasional showers & rain soaked beaches.

Driving through the rainy roads…..

On my return journey, my impromptu visit to temples, beach and a resort rejuvenated my spirit to move on with life with positive outlook and hope.  I believe, just like the body experiences wear and tear, the mind too can experience a spiritual ‘wear and tear’, which is OK, but its important to effortfully fix the broken spirit so that the mind bounces back and continues with life.

Roots Matter!! A unique tree with its roots seen outside.

Here’s sharing my ‘spiritual retreat journey’ with you through photographs and also wishing all of you a life full of hope, fresh spirit and rejuvenation. Amen!

Stopping by an old Shiva temple and climbing down the steps of the water tank in front of the temple.

Photo credits: Shraddha C Sankulkar & Geeta Sonawane.

Water tank of the Shiva temple near Alibag. The ‘deep-stambh’ (pillar holding earthen lamps) seen at the far end.

Water tank of the Shiva temple near Alibag. The ‘deep-stambh’ (pillar holding earthen lamps) seen at the far end.

Posing in front of he swimming pool of Radisson Resort.

Beautiful bullock-cart kept as artefact at Radisson Resort.

Holding the weight of the tree! An illusion clicked with a smile

Lord Ganesh witnessing my journey as I drive.

Farmer working in a rice field.

Choosing from the restaurant menu.

Fresh flowers floating in a designer bronze container at Radisson Resort.

Swinging on the hammock at Radisson Resort.

Beautiful and serene environment at Radisson Resort

Posing outside ‘Aparanta’- the restaurant at Radisson Resort

Beautiful tea/coffee set artefact at the Aparanta Restaurant.

The depth of the road travelled…..(at Radisson Resort)

A rivulet flowing by…