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We (or the normal, decent people amongst us) read with horror and loathing about the American dentist, Walter James Palmer from Minnesota, who paid around £35,000 to shoot a lion with a bow and arrow.

Cecil the lion was a placid, people-loving lion who lived in a Zimbabwe park.

He was cold-bloodedly lured to his death and murdered on the 1st July.

When I was next door to Zimbabwe, in Zambia, a few years ago, I met several lions and found them beautiful animals, full of love for their keepers.P1030657 (Small)

It was an honour and a memorable experience to scratch a lion on her forehead while she wriggled in ecstasy. And then she trotted up and down along her huge cage, following me and sitting down every time that I stopped, thrusting her head forward for another tickle.

When I said Goodbye and left, turning to look back at her, she sat down and her ears drooped just like a dog being left behind. It was quite sad.

Then I took a lion cub, aged nearly two, for a walk. You have to hang onto their tails. They don’t mind a bit.P1030674 (Small)

He sprawled out on the ground, perfectly relaxed, and I stroked him along his back.

Do you know that lions have no scent at all? They don’t smell animally at all. It helps them to stay hidden from their prey.

I bet American dentists smell! So why wasn’t Cecil spooked? Probably because he trusted Man. Big mistake! He innocently walked to his death.

The thought of seeing these magnificent creatures with blood spurting out of them is very upsetting.P1030681 (Small)

My opinion, if you want to know? (If not, I suggest you stop reading this at once!)

Paying a small fortune to murder rare animals is not normal. I believe that, like arson, it’s a substitute for the sexually lacking.

I think that Walter James Palmer, the Minnesota dentist, should have all his teeth pulled out without an anaesthetic! Give him a mirror and he can watch all the blood coming out of his mouth.

But on the positive side, maybe we should be grateful that these evil hunters – I use the term hunters loosely – only kill animals. God only knows what perverted, bloodthirsty desires lurk in their evil brains!

They’re not normal people.P1030680 (Small)