By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

After reading a recent story on the Washington Post detailing a mysterious plane flying continuous circles over the Baltimore protests, I decided to check out the website Flight Radar’s ‘live flight tracker’ myself to see if I could find anything ‘interesting’ and what I found in my research adds another unsolved mystery to internet lore…a strange spy plane is flying continuous passes over very remote West Virginia and Maryland mountains a few hours west of Washington DC. Is this spy plane ‘remote sensing’ the secret undergound doomsday basesknown to be in these West Virginia mountains according to a trusted ANP source? For those who have a background in intelligence, the CIA or military, we’d love to know what your thoughts are.

Leaving BWI Airport in Baltimore at 6:14 pm on May 7th and proceeding to fly west until it arrived over the West Virginia/Maryland mountains, only to fly back and forth over the mountains, a huge power plant and an abandoned highway that reminds of the movie ‘Road Warrior’ for the next 4+ hours, N212AZ left a rather strange path as seen in the screenshots above and below, only to return to BWI at 11:22 pm after flying at approx. 17,500′ over the mountains, power plant and an abandoned highway continuously for hours.

What makes this flight even more strange is that N212AZ, an ATR-42-320 turboprop plane, and its owner have been linked to the CIA and prisoner rendition overseas in the Netherlands back in 2004 according to this linked report and have been determined to be able to carry rather intricate remote sensing equipment and abilities.

Other CIA and private mercenary contractor planes that overflew Denmark (including Greenland) and are suspected of being CIA transports include:

An ATR-42-320 (N212AZ) registered to Kramer Investment Co. of Wilmington, Delaware and seen in Rotterdam on September 1, 2004.

This picture shows N212AZ.


Back in 2011, forum commenters pointed out some very strange flights being taken by ATR-42‘s, taking off from BWI and being gone for sometimes 6 or more hours, only to return to BWI without landing anywhere. The series of comments by airline forum members below makes us believe that a theory suggested by a trusted ANP source, that remote sensing is being done by these planes, is likely the reason for the strange patterns. What are they ‘remote sensing’? The 1st video below tells us about what the elite in DC had hoped would stay a ‘secret underground doomsday base’ in the West Virginia mountains prior to it being exposed by the news and abandoned. Much more below next screenshot.

I came across this series of flights while tracking an inbound flight full of family. These ATR-42 flights (registered to “Jefferson Financial Co” out of Wilmington, DE) have ranged from 4 minutes to upwards of 6 hours in length and as far as I can see, begin and end at BWI. I know NOAA has been running P-3C flights over I-95 and the 695/495 beltways for a couple of weeks at about FL010 in order to collect pollution data. These appear to be some kind of test/calibration flights; does anyone have any insight? Today’s flight track was pretty awesome.

I use to do NAV AID calibration with an ATR42, so maybe they are checking VOR, NBD, PAPI or ILS in that area, If you see looks like they are doing some kind of apps….

Some sort of navigation/calibration programme is going on at BWI. Large white “X”‘s are appearing on the ground along some of the approach paths. Two of them are in my local area. I got the info from one of the guys installing the “X”‘s, he said they were going to do flyovers at the X locations.



This isn’t the 1st time that N212AZ has been caught making unexplainable loops for hours upon hours upon hours as shown in the additionalscreenshots of past flights below over Maryland and Delaware. In the 2nd video below we learn more about the secretive spy planes over the recent Baltimore, Maryland area.

ANP would love to know what theories our readers have as to why these flights are taking place and what is so important about these areas that a very secretive government agency feels the need to constantly monitor what is going on below, especially knowing that ‘down below’ in these most recent flights over Maryland and West Virginia consists of largely unoccupied mountainous terrain and an abandoned highway construction project that looks like something out of ‘Road Warrior’ lore.

A story from several months ago told us that West Virginia authorities were on the lookout for ISIS in the poverty stricken state, is this part of that search? Our well-trusted source tells us that they are using remote sensing to scan the area that there are underground bunkers in the vicinity.

The 1st screenshot below is from January 22, 2015. This is over the Maryland/Delaware east coast.


Though much shorter flights, on April 22nd and April 23 N212AZ began scoping out the Maryland/West Virginia mountains.



They’ve been flying circles of the area May 4th, 6th and 7th with flights nearly 6 hours or more long. What do you think they’re doing? What will today bring?



Was this spy plane remote sensor scanning underground bases such as this one in the West Virginia mountains?

Spy planes were over Baltimore keeping tabs on protesters and most likely tracking EVERYBODY there with their Stingray cell phone site simulator technology.