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The Coronavirus epidemic will get worse before it gets better, but we’ll all survive it as long as we take sensible precautions.

First, think about the effects it can have. Supermarket depots have foreign delivery lorries coming and going all day, then the supplies are unloaded and loaded again onto local lorries.

If one driver is taken ill, the depot may close and all the drivers forced into quarantine so supermarket shelves will be empty due to lack of deliveries.

photo ebcaddMotorway restaurants and favourite transport cafes where the drivers have been will also be closed for deep cleaning.

And what about banks if the staff go sick? Make sure that you have some cash. Rinse it as money is covered in bacteria.

Here is some advice to help you plan for whatever happens;

Write a list of your favourite meals for a month, (if someone else gets the virus, you’ll be in quarantine for more than a fortnight) then list the ingredients. If you like curry, list the spices, or a jar of curry sauce.

downloadWrite a shopping list, including toilet rolls, washing-up liquid, and everything else that you use regularly. Don’t panic buy, but do add some extras, like long-life milk, tinned meats and fish,  tinned tomatoes and baked beans, dried beans, rice, lentils, dried pasta, pot noodles, flour and long-lasting veg; potatoes, swedes, cabbage, carrots, and bottled water.

Buy Paracetamol or Aspirin as someone will be feeling ill. Have you got a thermometer to check temperatures?

Enjoy a drink? Stock up on wine, beer, etc and don’t forget the mixers.

Don’t forget your pets! Buy canned and dry food, and cat litter if you need it.

Have a browse through your cookery books and look online for tasty recipes using your emergency rations; soups, stews and casseroles are always easy to make.

When we’ve been a bit hard up, or economising, I’ve always enjoyed hunting for new cheap recipes. I’ve  found some really delicious ones made with simple ingredients that have become family favourites.

imagesGo round the charity shops and buy plenty of books, games, CDs etc. Do you have a pack of cards?

Does the lounge need painting? Now is a good time to buy paint, brushes, dustbin liners for any old wallpaper.

Plan your days to keep everyone occupied.

Look up some traditional party games like I Spy, I Went to the shop, Hunt the Thimble, Charades.

Download some scripts and put on a play.

When did you last clear out your loft? Sort anything out that can go to a car boot sale when your quarantine’s finished.

photo fbabInvolve the family in as much as you can. Make biscuits and pies or bake cakes.

Of course, you can go out in the garden. In fact, go out there regularly, whatever the weather. Get some fresh air and do some gardening.

If everyone’s getting bored and unbearable, suggest that you’ve decided to give the whole house a complete spring clean. Everyone will either help you or suddenly find something important to do!

Get some Me Time that you haven’t had before. Have a nice facial, do your nails and have a workout. There are plenty online.

Play your favourite music. Learn a language.

Are your neighbours in quarantine too? It might sound a bit tasteless, but how about a Coronavirus Party? Everyone can contribute some nibblies and drinks, and you can all drink a toast to an optimistic future very soon.

And finally, if you have a house full of teenagers, you have my deepest sympathy. Don’t let them push you over the edge! Avoid arguments at all costs. Walk away from confrontations.

Remember, it won’t last for ever, (even if it seems like it will!)

Make the most of your free time together and be grateful for your reasonably good health, and count the days until it’s over!

Remember three little words, I LOVE YOU. Say them every day.