By Queen-B Lyn

A big welcome to our new Webitor,  Mel. It’s great to have her at the helm. Now at last I can go away without worrying about what’s happening with B-C-ing-U!

Where did I get her from? I hear you asking. Quite a long while ago, I realised that I was going to need a new Webitor who would work with me to bring B-C-ing-U! to you. Caroline was highly recommended by my friends at High Weald Dairy but she was far too busy to do it so I met her friend Mel. Mel said she would love the chance to be part of something fun like this and so here we are!

We have Caroline and her husband as a strong, experienced IT backup and off we go again with a great, experienced, and enthusiastic team!

Mel was thrown straight in at the deep end as I had to go to Mallorca. I was reviewing four hotels and will be writing about them in the next few days.

On the flight home, I was in the aisle seat and a tall, blonde female grunted at me, which meant “Excuse me. I’m sitting there”. After a silent battle over the armrest — which I won — she and her boyfriend ignored me for the next three hours (the flight was delayed for half an hour due to French Air Traffic Control) and ate each other’s faces, with loud, slurpy kissing noises. Yuck.

I wondered briefly whether I should give him some snogging lessons as he obviously had no idea what he was doing, but I couldn’t be bothered.

In between slurps, she kicked her legs around at him, leaned against him and stared, enraptured, at his laptop game. They didn’t actually hold a conversation at all!

No… I’m not tall, or blonde when it comes to it, but at least I’ve got an active brain that empowers me to talk!