I’ve suddFoxenly realised that several countries that I’ve visited in the past year have something in common – foxes!

In the Trondelag region of Norway, I was introduced to this absolutely cheesy song. It’s hilarious!

Do listen to the 2013 viral hit What Does the Fox Say? by brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker, known as Ylvis. It’s the biggest Norwegian hit since Aha!




And here’s a version by Alvin and the Chipmunks!







When I was in the HuNan Province of China, we went to watch an amazing open-air live show in a village, halfway up Tianmen Mountain. It’s called The Fox Fairy Show. It was absolutely beautiful! The whole village takes part in it and it’s performed every night.

Fairy5 Fairy2 Fairy3 Fairy4



Earlier this year, we went on a luxury barge across the Caledonian Canal.

Two of the other passengers, from the USA, told us that when they told their friends they were going to the Scottish Caledonian Canal, they’d said, ‘Wear the Fox ‘at!’

Say it slowly.fox at

Scottish barge 527 (Small)



Funny enough, we went ashore at Banavie, just a couple of miles from the sea, beneath the snow-capped Ben Nevis, near Neptune’s Staircase, which leads down to Loch Eil.

As we strolled along the shore, looking at the locks and gazing in the shop windows, there were some fox hats for sale!

When Hubby John and I returned from Venice, we went to collect our car in the car park, which was deserted.

It was dark but it wasn’t late.

Suddenly we spotted two fox cubs, obviously brother and sister, playing around the cars. They would rear up on their hind legs, then jump down onto all fours.cubs2

As we watched, we realised what they were doing. They were hitting the grass, which attracted worms to the surface, then they’d pull the worms out like spaghetti and eat them.

I realised that I had a couple of sandwiches in my bag. I called the cubs and dropped pieces of bread on the ground.

Gradually, I had their attention. They were both nearly eating out of my hand when I ran out of bread.

They stood beside me for a while, then they wandered off, looking back hopefully as they walked.

A plane flew over, the underneath lit up. It almost seemed as though I could reach up and touch it! The foxes didn’t even notice.

They were beautiful. How can anyone hate them?