I’ve just had two worrying days in London, avoiding all the immigrant beggars sat on the pavements, shaking their cups at passers-by.

Mayfair, of all places, is heaving with them! That beautiful, upmarket area with its lovely old mansions is becoming a magnet for this human immigrant rubbish. I had to walk round them on the pavements.

If I lived there, I’d start a campaign to get our rates lowered.

They possibly worked hard to earn a living in their own country, but they don’t even have to stand up to get money in this country! And most of them get handouts as well.

Apparently they’re turning historical areas into toilets and rubbish dumps.

Nobody stops them begging which is against the law. Nobody makes them move on. Nobody looks into how much money they’re making, or stops them annoying passing tourists. Nobody even checks their paperwork. They’re causing an obstruction on crowded pavements.

Why? What’s going on? Why are they allowed to behave like this in our country? Why aren’t they made to respect our laws? We have to, or else we’re jumped on.

We’re all struggling to pay our bills. Can you imagine if I sat on the pavement and asked passers-by for money? Well we all know what would happen, don’t we? I’d be arrested, marched away, and fined. We’d be even more in debt.

Let’s be honest, it’s racial prejudice in reverse. We’re now the picked-on race, here in our own country. We’re the victims of our legal system. Our police bully us for the slightest thing (especially if it makes money for them, eg something slightly wrong with our car, or of course, if we dare to legally protest about something, like fracking.) And they leave the foreign criminals alone. It’s not our country any more. The rest of the world is coming here and openly laughing in our faces. And who can blame them when they can get away with literally anything?

How many criminals are foreigners? When I watch the TV or read a paper, I can almost tell you their race by the crime they’ve committed.

Imagine if we went to their countries and did some of the things that they do here? We’d be locked up. Are our Politicians bent and getting handouts, or are they just plain stupid?

Don’t they care about the country that their children and grandchildren will have to live in when they’re gone? Don’t they care about the legacy that they’re going to leave behind?

This gives me an idea. Maybe I’ll pretend to be a beggar for a day and write about what happens to me! I could squat right next to a Romanian gypsy and shake a cup at passers-by.

Watch this space!