A few days ago, B-C-ing-U! was a year old.

It’s been exciting, watching it grow. But I’ve no idea who our Readers are, or where they live. That’s one of the disadvantages of an online magazine.

So next year, we’d like to have more Comments from you all, (nice, polite ones) saying what you love about B-C-ing-U! and telling us a bit about yourselves.

This week, up to the end of the year, our Writers have chosen their favourite article of the year.

I’ve chosen my Did Michael Jackson Have Leprosy?

I put a lot of research time into it before I published it, and it seems like a lot of people agree with my theory.

This article has been read at least once, every day without fail!

And surprisingly (at least, to me) it wasn’t Michael Jackson who was Googled, it was the word Leprosy.

I had one hysterical female cyber-shrieking for us to take down the article immediately, or she’d tell Michael’s family (Ooh, we were shaking in our boots!)

But apart from that, I haven’t had any Comments at all, which is strange considering all the interest it’s created.

Anyway, I’ve got a turkey to baste, vegetables to cook and an interesting dish to prepare for our vegan daughter Rana. I’m doing a rice Tian. I refuse to cook plastic copies of real food!

Yes, I’m sure that we all know that Jesus Christ wasn’t born on the 25th December.

As a very religious, Catholic friend of mine who once lived in Jerusalem used to say, ‘Of course Jesus wasn’t born in December. There wouldn’t have been shepherds watching their sheep in fields in that weather!

Have a lovely day, wherever you are, whatever your beliefs and whatever you’re doing!