By Queen-B Lyn

Let me tell you what’s gone wrong so far in July.

I went to Mallorca for a few days, and carefully arranged for a new carpet
and a new bed to both be delivered and fitted on Friday. I stated clearly
that they must arrive PM as Hubby John would be working in the morning and
wouldn’t be there until after 1.
Now, I assume that anyone from the age of six upwards knows the difference
between AM and PM, let alone so-called professional tradesmen!
The carpet fitters had a previous job, so I was told that they’d arrive
after 1.
They turned up at 12.
Luckily Hubby John had just got in. But he hadn’t had time to sort out the
The new bed turned up at about 3. Good?
No, not good. The headboard had no holes drilled in it, so they couldn’t fit
That was Friday remember, and it’s now Thursday as I write this, with no
sign of the headboard.
My Mum was taken to hospital. I bought her a cheap mobile phone so we could
speak to her without bothering the nurses.
Guess what? It wouldn’t work, so we had to take it back to the supermarket.
They discovered on the Customer Services counter that the simcard was
Two days ago, I was persuaded by our mobile phone supplier to have a ‘free’
tablet for a monthly payment.
As I’m off to Poland tomorrow, I thought the timing was just right.
First, it wouldn’t charge up. I kept getting a battery sign with a cross
through it.
It did charge up overnight, but it wouldn’t turn on, despite the
instructions from the man on the phone.
So I’ve got a new one coming today.
Doesn’t ANYONE check these things before they’re sent out?
There’s lots of research done on the hours that are lost through sickness.
But how about some research on how many hours are lost through sorting out
incompetence? It must cost businesses a fortune, let alone the time that’s
wasted, sorting things out!
Meanwhile, just as she was getting nicely into the swing of things,
yesterday Webitor Mel couldn’t upload anything onto B-C-ing-U! because the
internet in her village was down all day.
Any of you, Dear Readers, who live in different countries, do let me know if
you suffer from the constant bad service that we have here in the UK!
Is it a worldwide problem, or are we just a lazy race?