farageThis was published a year ago. I don’t think I want to know the latest figures!

David Cameron says that we all need to economise to get the country back on its feet again.
Personally, we have to economise all the time now because we aren’t as well off as we were ten years ago. We’re struggling to pay our basic bills.
Nigel Farage said that we should stop paying out on foreign aid and help our own people.
Would you like to know how much money we GIVE AWAY to other countries?
Look at this;






In the past few years we have provided direct cash [£] aid to:

Haiti – £1.4 B,
Hamas – £351 M,
Pakistan – £2 B,
Libya – £1.45 B,
Egypt – £397 M,
Mexico – £622 M,
Russia – £380 M,
Jordan – £463 M,
Kenya – £816 M,
Sudan – £870 M,
Nigeria – £456 M,
Uganda – £451 M,
Congo – £359 M,
Ethiopia – £981 M,
South Africa – £566 M,
Senegal – £698 M,
Mozambique – £404 M,

Zambia – £331 M,
Kazakhstan – £304 M,
Iraq – £1.08 B,
Tanzania – £554 M,


Nigel Farage

And these are just the countries that we know about!

This is OUR MONEY that’s being doled out to people who often hate us!
A lot of them are far richer than us, and the very poor people don’t see any of the money as it’s taken by their corrupt leaders.
Well what I’d like to know is WHY we give it away. It just doesn’t make sense!

We were all horrified to read about the Tibet earthquake and the terrible loss of lives.

I don’t think anyone would begrudge our country giving aid to the people there.

This is what our money should be used for; to buy tents, medication, and anything else necessary to save lives and help them to rebuild their lives.