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‘What’s that strange building down there?’ I asked my guide, Martin, on my Jungfraujoch trip in Switzerland.

‘Oh, that’s Erich von Daniken’s theme park,’ my guide replied casually. Then he added, ‘He lives in the next village up the mountain. I know him well.’ And he was surprised when I actually jumped out of my seat with excitement!t11079744

Erich von Daniken caused a huge sensation in the late 60s. Mocked, copied, altered and added to, he was probably the first – and definitely the most famous – person to suggest that the ancient Gods were actually astronauts from other planets. He said that the evidence is everywhere, and gave many examples of this.

UBoot 6Martin called Erich and told him about me, but sadly we couldn’t meet as Erich was tied up all morning and I had to catch a train to the airport in the afternoon to fly home. I was gutted, to tell you the truth. So near yet so far!

JungfrauPark is an eye-catching site, even in the distance, and I’m sure that it would never get planning permission in the UK!t10659136

It’s circular, with a central tall UFO-shaped café and different-shaped cinemas and rooms around the outside, like weird spokes on a wheel.

My visit was a bit of a rush as my time was limited. I only had a few hours before I had to catch my train.

IMG_0266I went in the Maya cinema. A German lady took my ticket and I picked my way past the large statues of Mayas.

The place was empty except for me, so I could sit where I liked.

In came the German lady to look round, then the lights went out and it was pitch black. Then the lights came on again and a family group wandered in.t10886464

Off went the lights again and Erich appeared on the screen.

I must say that I enjoyed it and it was interesting to hear his theories and see the ‘evidence’ again.

Jungfraupark (82 von 321)As there was a short break before the next film started, in the pyramid-shaped Orient theatre, I wandered around the huge glass corridor.

A group of excited school children aged about 14, passed me. I wondered what they thought of it all, and what their teachers had told them about the visit.

I must say that I was impressed with the Ladies’ loos. There were loads of them, all immaculate.

Loos are important to me. I seriously believe that you can judge a place by its loos.



There was a room of information, with a film of Erich, to celebrate his 80th birthday.

He has aged well, and can talk like a much younger man. He’s as enthusiastic as ever!

It was time for the next performance – but I couldn’t find my ticket! But waiting outside the theatre was the same German woman, waving my ticket. I’d left it on the seat next to me.

In I walked, down went the lights, and there was Erich again.t10955968

After the short film, I found a room with huge photos of the mysterious cart tracks in Malta. That was very interesting to me as I know them well.

Then I looked round the gift shop, which was of course full of Erich’s books, and anything with UFO connections, from pens and toys to cheesy souvenirs.

So what was my opinion of the JungfrauPark?

As I have great admiration for Erich von Daniken, I enjoyed my whistle-stop visit.

But I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself out to go there just for a visit.

t10941952I was disappointed as I expected it to be more of a museum, which it isn’t. There are no genuine artifacts anywhere, just copies.

To me, it was like going to the cinema to fill in some time.

And there’s a rather nice outside playground for the children, with restaurants overlooking it.

It’s all very lighthearted, and most of it is free entry.

I know that Erich used to be a bit of a rogue and bent the truth sometimes to embellish his stories. But I also believe that he upset some powerful people by revealing facts that they didn’t want revealed.t11027968

He was jailed on a trifling charge, and the sentence was suspiciously heavy, as though some higher powers wanted to shut him up for a while.

I’ve got a collection of Erich’s books. I’ve had them for many years and I’m glad that I’ve kept them as I’m re-reading them.

Chariots of the Gods?

In Search of Ancient Gods.

Return to the Stars.

The Gold of the Gods.

Miracles of the Gods.

Do read them and make your own mind up. But it’s impossible to shrug off everything that he says.

And my opinion? Take a look at these articles in B-C-ing-U!

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Erich von Daniken is a very likeable character and he deserves to be taken more seriously. He’s worked hard and dedicated most of his life to his beliefs.

Without passing judgement on what you may have heard about him, listen to what he has to say to the world.

JungfrauPark is a wonderful setting for weddings, conferences, etc.

It has loads of parking, is near the station, and it can seat over 500 people and has a huge outside area for barbecues, drinks receptions, etc. plus changing/shower facilities.

How about a themed wedding, with the mountains and lakes as a stunning backdrop?

And what a wonderful place to recharge the batteries of your Sales Team!

Maybe if you ask nicely, Erich will make a personal appearance for you. After all, he only lives up the road!



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