IMG_20210204_101124_5I could not wait to dive into this second batch of sauces. Just the names of them sparked memories of spicy food I’ve had in the past while on holiday in the U.S. Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had was in the great state of New Mexico in a small family-owned restaurant that could barely accommodate five tables. I remember the thrill of anticipation when the smell of onions, spices and rice hit my nostrils upon entry. Obviously, I asked for a spicy dish and that is exactly what I got. ‘Mexican Fury’ is the first Chilli No. 5 sauce I tried in this latest batch and the best compliment I can give this sauce is that I could recall further memories of sitting in that restaurant and enjoying an authentic, rich and powerful taste. Make no mistake, this sauce is hot! So, take it easy. The heat and flavours go a long way so you have the privilege of a sauce that will enhance your dish without having to throw the whole bottle in your meal. I had some meat-free mince left over from the night before with onions, kidney beans, and yellow rice mixed up. Having this sauce in front of me and knowing I had a basic Mexican leftover meal sitting in the fridge raised my eyebrows. The result was that my opinion of Chilli No. 5’s sauces is only growing more positive. Like fuel is to a car or a fresh battery is to a dying TV remote, these sauces give food what it needs, a boost.


I don’t eat meat or Fish, but there will be plenty of you out there that will know exactly what to do with the ‘Jamaican Jerk’ sauce. For me, I marinaded a mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, and meat-free chicken-style pieces. Let me put it this way, I was disappointed when I had no more dinner left! Absolutely wonderful. As before, these sauces complement, enhance, and work with your meal, not against it. The subtle density and flavours of this sauce were superb. The ’Louisiana BBQ’ and the ‘Jamaican jerk’ I can’t wait to use this summer, but it was so much fun to use them on a Jackfruit burger with melted cheese. It was so tasty.

The ‘Perfect Piri Piri’ I added to my lunch which was stir fried kale, spinach and meat-free beef-style pieces. The ‘Heavenly Harissa’ would no doubt work well in a stew, just the purity in the smell tells you that much, but I got a chunky piece of fresh bread and just kept adding more sauce with every bite I had – couldn’t get enough of it, brilliant.IMG_20210205_110741_7

What I’ve ultimately learnt with these sauces, now I’ve tried ten of them, is that It doesn’t matter what food you put them on – they’re rewarding either way. I would even put them on my cereal!

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