Bermuda6  The area nicknamed The Devil’s Triangle” occupies a section of the Atlantic Ocean lying between Bermuda, southern Florida and a point past the Antilles at 60 degrees W. longitude. In recent years, hundreds of planes, and more than a thousand occupants, have vanished without trace of bodies or wreckage. “Last messages” speak of sudden power failure, compass spinning, equipment malfunction, electronic drain, strange light effects in the air and under the sea, sudden localised fog or cloud and strong magnetic pull toward the sea and beneath it. These phenomena are not related to sudden storms, but seem to relate to electromagnetic forces emanating from the sea itself. According to reports, mysterious disappearances are continuing to occur despite modern technology’s ability to track and find lost craft.

BermudaATTEMPTS TO EXPLAIN THE MYSTERY The F.A.A. believes accidents and disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle can be attributed to weather, poor navigational equipment or inexperienced pilots. Sudden storms can rip the wings of a plane and drop the pieces in the ocean. The Gulf Stream can carry floating wreckage, ships or planes miles away from the scene of an accident, frustrating search operations and firing speculations that create mystery. Much of the mystery is deliberately manufactured or perpetuated by writers seeking to satisfy the human craving for the sensational. Errors have often been embellished and information that could provide a solution withheld. Sometimes entire incidents are fictional. Some losses which have occurred in other parts of the world have been credited to the Triangle. However, some enigmatic disappearances still remain unexplained. If only half the catalogued cases are true, then there is still something to be explained in the Bermuda Triangle, and perhaps elsewhere. We may be experiencing an indication of energy not presently harnessed by man.

Bermuda2THEORIES Suggested explanations include the following: 1. Sudden gas leaks below the sea may form surface bubbles and lessen the density of water in areas, into which ships subside and sink. Sudden gaseous whiteouts are caused, which affect low-flying planes. 2. A huge crashed meteor or a giant deposit of magnetite may be embedded under the ocean floor and causing the magnetic aberrations. 3. Ancient power sources preserved within submerged ruins of a prior civilization on the sea floor may be still partially active. They may have sufficient energy, when triggered, to spasmodically cause electromagnetic stresses or drains, resulting in the malfunction or disintegration of ships and aircraft passing over the location. The beneficial force field generated within the pyramid shape has been documented by some researchers. But here is another suggestion – although it is nothing more than a speculation based upon a private experiment. The experimenter placed a small model pyramid beneath an aquarium… and he discovered that the fish in the aquarium died. Divers within the Bermuda triangle area have reported that a large stone pyramid exists beneath the surface of the water in an area where many ships and planes have allegedly disappeared. What do you think of this idea? (I’m just thinking aloud here.) Suppose the sides of the pyramid are extended, could it be that they form an invisible inverted pyramid directly above, apex to apex? And could this form an invisible “anti-pyramid” producing a destructive instead of a constructive force? Between you and me, I think the vast parade of ancient mysteries is so endless, we’ll never solve them all. Anyway, a few months ago I offered a special mystery package. It was so popular, that some who missed out asked if I would re-open the opportunity. So I’ve decided to repeat it… For the next week you can have all 5 e-books of tantalising mysteries (worth $70) for only $39.95 – if you’re interested. Just 5 or 10 minutes from now they can be yours. Then just download and enjoy them. So here Lyn, is your master package. I’ve called this special 5 in 1 set, “MYSTERIES OF A LOST WORLD”. Would you like to see what’s in it? Book 1:  64 SECRETS AHEAD OF US Step by step, I’ll walk you through sixty-four amazing ways in which an earlier, forgotten science and technology was superior to ours today. You will learn [firstname] of secret formulas that could revolutionise modern aviation, construction and medicine – advanced secrets our world has forgotten. And art techniques we cannot copy… micro technology… sub-ocean tunnelling… time viewing devices… lamps that burn forever… You might well ask, WHAT NEXT???

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